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Nano Init mechanics have been changed many times in patches; and may be subject to change.

The DPS calculation that was added in 2010 or so is not merely a set number that was added to each weapon's description. It is an on-the-fly calculation that can be used to find the optimum Agg Def setting. Simply back up the slider from 100%, checking each time until the Damage Per Second changes. The previous position is the maximum defense that can be achieved at maximum damage.[1]

Nano Init[edit]

"Nano Init" redirects here, for the purposes of a more direct link to a more complete treatment of the subject. For the Nano and Casting skill overview, see Nano Execution Initiative
Mob inits & weapon speed could be deduced from casting Init Debuffs on them, but the information is not currently available
  • The Nano Attack Speed can be reduce to 0 ("instant casting") if you have enough NanoCInit and/or set your agg-def bar appropriately.
  • The Nano Recharge Speed is unaffected by inits or your agg-def slider position. Hence, Kiting, in this case casting while running, is used to reduce the caster's exposure to enemy fire during recharge, while making full and best use of instantaneous casting.

How Nano init affects casting speed

  • For every 200 nano init you reduce the cast time by 1 second (Up to 1200 nano init)
  • After 1200 you need 600 nano init to reduce the cast time by 1 second.

How the aggdef bar affect nano init

  • 0% = +1.25s
  • 25% = +0.75s
  • 50% = +0.25s
  • 62.5 = 0s
  • 75% = -0.25s
  • 100% = -0.75s


Failing Impregnability : 6.79s
Full def adds 1.25s
Failing Impregnability at full def : 8.04s
NI up to 1200 reduce 1s/200 NI = 6s
Remaining time = 2.04s
NI > 1200 reduce 1s/600 NI 2.04 * 600 = 1224 NI
1200 + 1224 = 2424 NI to instacast at full def.

Maestro: Electrical Engineering : 4.88s
Full def adds 1.25s
Failing Impregnability at full def : 6.13s
NI up to 1200 reduce 1s/200 NI = 6s
Remaining time = .13s
NI > 1200 reduce 1s/600 NI .13 * 600 = 78 NI
1200 + 78 = 1278 NI to instacast at full def.
These examples are typical of the casting speeds of Nanotechnician Nanos, but actually atypical of the buff Nanos etc of other professions. Approximately half of Nanos are 4 second casting or faster. In rare cases, they are absurdly slow, like the 20 second Umbral Wrangler or the Evac Nanos (Meep is more accurately used to describe the faster of the Evac Nanos[2]).

Other Initiatives[edit]

Each 600 of the other initiative values subtracts 1 second from weapon attack and 2 seconds from recharge.

Full Defensive adds 1.75 secs to both attack and recharge so a 1/1 weapon becomes 2.75/2.75 with 0 ranged initiative. 50% Aggression adds .75 to both attack and recharge speeds so a 1/1 weapon becomes 1.75/1.75 with 0 ranged initiative.

1050 Init is required to play full defensive with a 1/1 weapon or a 1/2.7.

Melee Init[edit]

Buffed by wearing and by activating Flurry of Blows Starts at QL 25 with +5, +1 every 4 levels after level 27

Physical Init[edit]

Buffed by Flurry of Blows. Same breakpoints as Melee Init.

Ranged Init[edit]

Init Buffs[edit]

  • Instinctive Control Nanoline, Doctor
  • Cut Red Tape Nanoline, Bureaucrat
  • Focused Anger, Enforcer, +72 Melee, Ranged,Physical and Nano Initiative

and more, especially self-buffs

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