Infiltration Preparation

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There is attention to detail in the storytelling here, as the character's mission here is to obtain items required to make the costume used in the Cyborg Infiltration mission. However, as merely walking disguised and therefore unscathed through the Barracks is considerably easier, the great likelihood is that the character will acquire the latter mission first.


Loot the following from Cyborgs in either of the Cyborg Barracks locations: Greater Tir County or Avalon:

  • Quality Augmented Wrist Quality Augmented Wrist
  • Corroded Chest Plate Corroded Chest Plate
  • Hellsoldier Signet Hellsoldier Signet

Agency Rome Blue - confirmed. Old Athen - confirmed

Level 50-100

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Time: 30 minutes


An aggressive branch of the cyborg population has set up a command centre. An infiltration operation is in progress and authentic cyborg parts have been requested.

Your mission is to extract material needed for the making of genuine cyborg costumes from cyborgs of various ranks.

The cyborgs in Greater Tir County is appropriate to your level.

Three different parts are needed: A Quality Augmented Wrist, a Corroded Chest Plate, and Hellsoldier Signet.

Return these parts to the Agency Receptionist.


  • Variable XP
  • Mission tokens * 2


"Greater Tir County" is only a clue as to the location of the Cyborg Barracks, and the parts are available in Avalon also. The parts drop only from Cyborgs inside the two barracks and in the immediate vicinity of the entrance, not elsewhere in Greater Tir County or Avalon.

The Barracks spawns are at a dependable and relaxed rate compared to Dyna Camps. The Cyborgs are much more spread out, too, and therefore less likely to add on a pull. The level range is considerably more varied. Pulling to a corner is always safer. The more people cooperating, the faster, as the items are Unique but can be traded.