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Leets are the iconic monster in Anarchy Online, and act as some what of a mascot. Leets represent the tongue-in-cheek humor that AO is known for by talking in leet speak. The tradition is continued in Arete Landing with the Leet King and Princess Leet mission, and by making the normal Landing Leets non-aggressive yet one of the highest level critters.

See also the named Leets Ding, Joo, Morty, Powa, Ownz, Stumpy.

Ding, Joo, Morty, Powa, Ownz, Stumpy and the Reets at AO Universe

None of their items are NODROP.

Ai duz pwng joo nao

Monster Info

Level Range: 1 - 30
Aggressiveness: not aggressive
Frequency: very frequent
Size: very small


Phear Leet
Supa Leet
Beach Leet
Santa Leet *
Wereleet *
Godzillaleet *
Frankenleet *
Draculeet *
(*) Special leet mobs
{{ #if: Monster |Alignment:


In most areas

{{#if: 2| Attack Information:
The weapon QL is the same as the leet's level.

Melee.gif Leet Bite 1

Attack skills: martial arts - 100%
Defence skills: evade close - 100%
Speed: 1.75 s / 1.75 s
Damage type: melee damage
Range: 2m
Special: none

Melee.gif Leet Bite 2

Attack skills: martial arts - 100%
Defence skills: evade close - 100%
Speed: 1.75 s / 1.75 s
Damage type: melee damage
Range: 2m
Special: none


Item Drops

Monster Parts Monster Parts


Five camps; lowest, level 36 in Andromeda (1360, 2670), highest, 45, in Aegean (1343, 1892), middle three in Newland Desert, all 40: (1220, 2900) (740, 2900) (460, 2380)

Named Leets

Special Leets

See Halloween

These are different types of leets that you generally will not see in the wilds of Rubi-Ka, but often show up at various times. Some of these leets, like the Holiday leets (Draculeet, Frankenleet, and Santaleet) are un-attackable and immortal. Others, like Leetzilla, are spawned only to be killed.

Draculeet - One of the Holiday Leets, this leet only shows its face during Halloween time on Rubi-Ka and offers witty conversation about drinking blood as well as a chance to get a 'trick' or a 'treat'. The trick being a chance to be morphed into the form (no stat increases here) of one of your favorite monsters. Treats vary from halloween flavored goodies to missions to get old school gear. Draculeets are often paired with Frankenleets and are found in major cities like Old Athen, Rome, Borealis, and Newland City. Left
Frankenleet - This Holiday Leet only comes out when Halloween is about, Frankenleet claims to wish to avenge the fate of Frankenstien. Similar to Draculeet, Frankenleet offers Halloween goodies and missions when he comes out and he shows up in all the same cities as Draculeet. Left
Santaleet - This is the Christmas holiday leet that comes out the play in his red cap. Santa leet is known for being ever hungry for sweets and attracted to shiny things. Left

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