The Pilgrims

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Leader: Kreista Tobarl, Nanomage 200 Nanotechnician

Location: They have no fixed headquarters living in a mobile tent city to the North and East of Camelot. It is said that a message sent care of the Knights will read them though.

Background: The Pilgrims have a history of wandering the wilds of RK saving Neutral and Clanner folks who end up attacked by a dangerous animal or too deep in the desert without water or food. Kreista was one of these saved though the salvation was a reluctant one. A woman of middle-age she had left her husband and children behind in Newland City when she felt a "Calling" to the wilds. She heard the land crying to her and began to wander North and was found by a group of Pilgrims near death. Meeting people that felt and understood her unexplained physiological calling by the land drew her to The Pilgrims instantly and she fell into their fold; her new family.

Feelings about the CoT: As a guild, The Pilgrims are dedicated to the search for knowledge and discovery around the world of Rubi-Ka. Their desire for learning new things and exploring new places lead their members to roam the wilds of Rubi-ka from North to South. It is for this reason that they are unhappy with Omni-Tek and its restrictive policies keeping their members from roaming as freely as they would wish. This stifling of access to knowledge in the Omni-Tek territories is one of the Pilgrims main points they will bring up and wish for from the Council.