The map has been changed since this map was made, including Clan routes Broken Shores > 4 Holes > Central Artery Valley

Whompahs are a counterpart to the Grid system, and the most efficient travelling will use both. Whompahs are easily spotted at a distance by parts of the structure that reach high into the air above them; Clan whompahs feature tall thin spikes and Omni, thicker poles topped with a blue light. The whompa transportation system was designed by Omni-Com and is maintained by Omni-Trans. The whom-pah system breaks an individual down at the cellular level, then rebuilds their body at another location. The name is derived from the sound the whom-pa makes. The whole of the Rubi-Ka whompah system can be accessed by any character, but faction guards are often posted near the whompahs, and will attack players of another faction, sometimes even Neutrals.

Whompah routes


Routes to Omni Trade, Tir, Newland City and Jobe


Routes to Old Athen, Rome and ICC HQ





  • The Whompah have evolved over the years, refining in technology and design

Enlarged Map

Patches: Routes added:

Clan : Broken Shores > 4 Holes > Central Artery Valley
Omni + Clan : The Reck, from Omni Trade and Tir
Altered: 20K changed from Neutral to Omni

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