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(Recommended) Preparation[edit]

Before kicking off the quest from the Unredeemed in Adonis I would suggest picking up a Note. Where might you find this interesting piece of pixelated goodness, I hear you say. Quite simple, from some named Redeemed mobs that hang around in their fabulous village on the Eastern edge of Adonis.

The quickest route to said village is from the Garden of Dalja. By jumping off you will end up in the middle of a sandy desert surrounded by Whirling Rocks, so watch your step and any pet profession may want to terminate their pets before jumping off in case they decide to say hello to some of the Rocks. That done, head North/North-West up the hill infront of you, and you should be safe. Bothering an adventurer for a PF Map might make it easier to avoid the mobs.

At the top of the hill head North-East towards a blue, shiny pipe (/waypoint 2641, 983, 4872) from the pipe head North, making sure to not attract any unwanted attention from the wildlife.

Now you have a couple of choices on how to acquire this Note

-Kill the entire Redeemed Village

-Calm every Redeemed mob you can find

-Find a friendly higher-leveled person to pull the correct mob to you

Whichever choice you make, there are only two Redeemed mobs that will have the note on them. Sipius Gil Ilad-Ilad and Watcher Gil Hume-Wei. The Sipius wanders around the village a fair bit, while the Watcher can be found almost always at /waypoint 2668, 1568, 4872.

Step One[edit]

Get your Metawater Repellent Spiritech Suit out, it's time to head into The Abyss. If you are already at the Redeemed Village head towards the Portal to Abyss marked on Spheremap (/waypoint 2303.4, 1439.8, 4872). From here head South-West towards the Unredeemed Temple (/waypoint 1913.0, 1267.7, 4873 ). If you are in the garden, use the exit to Lament Lagoon.

Inside the Temple run to the second room and take the stairs on the left-hand side. Here you will find Prophet Man Dal. He will ask you to find a Note. If you already did the Suggested Preparation you can just hand him Note, if you didn't now is the time to make a run for the Redeemed Village.

He will ask for you to find some Ancient Control Panels. You can now choose to either take the Enforcer Grid (tm) (/terminate or getting yourself killed) back to Dalja or you can head out into The Abyss and use the Portal to Abyss close to the Redeemed Village.

Step Two[edit]

Whichever choice you have made (Enfo-Grid or swimming through the Abyss), make your way back to the Redeemed Village. From here head North along The Outmost Yard towards the Gilthar Statue (/waypoint 2413.6, 1743.3, 4872 ) and jump into the water. Swim North-West until you can eventually stand on dry ground. Head North-East until you are faced with a few ledges, jump across onto the other side (Be a bit careful, easy to misstep) Follow the Eastern Part and head along the path until you get to the Clan Statue, jump off to the North East and you will find yourself at the feet of a large structure. The ARK you are required to find is hidden inside this building, so head on up the path and towards /waypoint 2800.9, 2532.4, 4872 where the ARK is located. Quickly tag it before the oncoming train of Spirits and Soul Dredges catch up with you.

You can now choose to die to the train (Step Three A) or run away and take a long swim (Step Three B).

Step Three A[edit]

So you chose the suicidal option? Then you will hopefully find yourself in the Garden of Dalja. Take the Passage to City North. Head West and then North (to /waypoint 1363.7, 1820.4, 4872) jumping into the water and swimming around the corner, and then North towards the Unredeemed Village up ahead. Run beyond the village and start heading east towards /waypoint 1559.4, 2627.5, 4872 there you will find a short "bridge" to tranport you to the Island we wish to go to. Continue North/North-East be ware of mobs. On the island are many Dryads that are quite naughty. You try to out run them or swim west to sneak around them (/waypoint 1544.5, 2825.3, 4872). On the top of the Northern hill you will find the ARK (/waypoint 1669.2, 3020, 4872). Quickly target it and say "Hello" to the friendly Dryads that will send you back to the Garden of Dalja!

Step Three B[edit]

So you chose the sporty option? Then you will find yourself with a rather large train after you. So run straight West until you hit the water, now turn North-West and make sure to use any islands to speed up your progress until you find yourself at /waypoint 1786.8, 2924.0, 4872 head up this ramp and quickly jump onto the island and head straight North. The ARK should be ontop of the hill at /waypoint 1669.2, 3020, 4872. Target it quickly before the Dryads catch up with you and send you straight back to the Garden of Dalja in Double-Quick time.

Step Four[edit]

Back in the Garden head South-West and open conversation with Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Dal. He'll ask you for the Note and reward you with your new shiny Key to the Garden of Dalja, Congratulations!

The Key to the Garden of Dalja

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