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Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Da[edit]

Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Dal in Adonis's Dalja Garden
  • Talk to Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Da in the Garden of Garden of Dalja at /waypoint 420.3, 362.3, 4686.
  • Show him the key
  • Talk some more and get mission "The Lost Diviners".
Obtain the blueprint of a demon, then return to Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Dal.
He said the blueprint can be found on ghosts or spirits.
Realtime left: 30 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes.

Parts for the {{safesubst:#if:|160 'Infernal Demon' blueprint/232580/ {{{3}}}|QL 160 'Infernal Demon' blueprint}} are dropped by some spirits/spirit hunters.

Bhotaar Pattern 'Infernal Demon' + Abhan Pattern 'Infernal Demon' + Chi Pattern of 'Infernal Demon' + Dom Pattern of 'Infernal Demon' = Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'Infernal Demon'

One location for spirit mobs that drop this patterns parts are in the North part of Adonis. The spirit boss Corrupt Spirit at /waypoint 1940, 2240, 4872 and Vile Spirit at /waypoint 1750, 2250, 4872, both drop them. The surrounding Reprobate Spirit mobs sometimes drop these parts.

Directions: Take Lament Lagoon > West to Bridge > North West to exit from water. Climb the rocks and watch where you step. Walk the top of the rocks to /waypoint 1788.2, 2152.0, 4872 and climb down into the water for a short swim to /waypoint 1853.7, 2184.8, 4872 and you are there. When attacking, these mobs are social and they will swarm you.

Corrupt Spirit
Vile Spirit
Reprobate Spirit

Another location for these pattern parts are the bosses and mobs located on the Northeast Platform located at /waypoint 2765.6, 2364.0, 4872.

Gashing Soul Dredge
Reprobate Spirit

After constructing the 'Infernal Demon' blueprint Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'Infernal Demon' return to talk to Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Da at /waypoint 420.3, 362.3, 4686. Give him the completed 'Infernal Demon' blueprint. The blueprint is returned and you receive a mission to summon the Demon to obtain information. You have another 30 days to complete this next phase of this quest.

Summon Infernal Demon[edit]

Turn the pattern into a Novictalized Notum Crystal Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'Infernal Demon' following the documented Pocket Bosses tradeskill. The Crystal Filled by the Source and Vicious Novictum Continuity must be QL 160 or higher. While looking for level 160+ parts pick up QL 150 or higher parts for the second pocket boss you will need to someone.

When the Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'Infernal Demon' Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'Infernal Demon' is constructed go to an Incarnator level 160 or higher. There are two Incarnator's you can use in Adonis. A level 190 Incarnator is located south of the City North statue at /waypoint 1491.8, 1159.8, 4872. The other is level 170 and is located North East of City South statue at /waypoint 2354.4, 1153.3, 4872.

Adonis Incarnator south of City North statue
Infernal Demon

Upon summoning him you have 6 minutes to talk to him. Be aggressive in the conversation. At the end he will give you Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'Diviner Gil Kald-Thar' Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'Diviner Gil Kald-Thar' and de-spawn. No one else in your team will receive it, keep this in mind if you are teamed with someone else doing the same quest.

Infernal Demon: Oh, my. If it isn't one of the little henchmen of my "masters". I would advice you to fasttrack away from my sight before I strike you down.
Player: Don't you threaten me, or you'll be sorry.
Infernal Demon: What are you going to do?
You have nothing on me.
Player: No?
Infernal Demon: You fool. Now get out of here before I get really angry.
Player: Isn't that nice? A demon with an attitude.
Infernal Demon: And quite rightly so, don't you think? I hold all the cards. You need me, and I have no use for you.
Player: No. I command you. You are but a slave. Know your place and obey, and I shall spare you.
Infernal Demon: You definitely talk the talk. But do you walk the walk?
I'll hear you out.
Player: You have something I need. Give it to me!
Infernal Demon: Well, if I knew what it was...
Player: Information from the Redeemed Diviners. I hear you've been "collecting" their souls.
Infernal Demon: Right on. I have. And great fun it was, too.
You should have seen, this one time, at-...
No, but I digress. I'll help you. Put you on the right track, if you will.
Player: Get to it.
Infernal Demon: Okay. Here's what you need to do...
Take this blueprint, and summon the Lost Diviner.
See, I can't give you the information, but he will, if you can bash it out of him, that is.
The Demon laughs out loud.
Infernal Demon: I wish I could stay to see you die. But, unfortunatly, I am not allowed.
Good luck. You're going to need it...

Summon Diviner Gil Kald-Thar[edit]

After receiving the item, the mission will update and you have 30 days to complete this phase. Tradeskill the pattern into Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'Diviner Gil Kald-Thar' Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'Diviner Gil Kald-Thar'. Buff up, this time you will have to kill the demon. After summoning him, you will need wait a few minutes before attacking.

Diviner Gil Kald-Thar

Loot him for Record of Lost Diviner Record of Lost Diviner

You might also get Kanel's Story - Third Edition Kanel's Story - Third Edition

The mission will update and you will have 30 days to finish the final step of this key quest

Complete Quest[edit]

Take Record of Lost Diviner Record of Lost Diviner and give it to Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Da in the Garden of Garden of Dalja at /waypoint 420.3, 362.3, 4686 to receive your reward.

Cash: 5600 credits
Experience: (Up to) 382 SK.
Item reward:
The Key to Dalja's Sanctuary The Key to Dalja's Sanctuary

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