Blood Plasma DM

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Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue -
Description and location varies with mission agency
Level 1 - 25
Difficulty Easy
Time: 15-30


Tradeskill Blood Plasma from Monster Parts. QL 10 Bio-Comminutor provided. A QL 30 can be acquired in one of the Clan Starter Missions. Tradeskill Expertise and other buffs can increase Pharmacy skill


Blood Plasma can be used to produce advanced medicine, and they fetch a good price on the market.

You're commissioned by the Agency to collect Monster Parts from various animals, such as Reets or Leets, and then use a Bio-Comminutor to extract the Blood Plasma.

You will find Reets and Leets in Galway Shire, and you need to extract three Blood Plasma capsules and return them to the agency receptionist.


  • Substantial XP
  • Clan/Omni Mission tokens * 2


Blood Plasma from Backyards level 1-3 critters will work. There is a backyard entrance straight ahead as you come out of the Clan Agency, just before you come to the mission terminals and shop terminal on the left.

To find the Reets and Leets in Galway Shire, exit the Rome Blue east exist and go south east. You will find a group of Reets and Leets that drop level 4-6 Monster Parts. Pick up out of inventory the provided Basic Bio-Comminutor Bio-Comminutor and right click on the Monster Parts Monster Part to transform them into Blood Plasma Blood Plasma. Get at least three blood plasma. You can get more for next time you receive this mission or sell them to a shop terminal for some nice credits.

If right-clicking with the Bio-Comminutor onto the Monster Part is not working. Use the tradeskill window

  • Press Shift + T to open tradeskill window
  • Put Bio-Comminutor in first box
  • Put Monster Part in second box
  • If you lack the required Pharmacy skill, you will see a message stating how much is required in the bottom half of the tradeskill box. The amount of Pharmacy skill you need is 2.5 * QL of the Monster Part.
  • If order is wrong, you get an obscure message indicator try something else.
  • Press Build to to transform item