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Father Time
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2013 (29487)[edit]

2012 (29486)[edit]

Reet's Retreat Glass Dance Floor
Rimor: Saturday, December 15th
1700 GMT (1200 EST) for 12 hours
Atlantean: Sunday, December 16th
0500 GMT (0000 EST) for 12 hours

2011 (29485)[edit]

The Party will take place in the Grind,
Thursday, December 29, 2011 12:00 PM GMT on Atlantean for 8 hours,
then move to Rimor for 8 more hours.
Snow Speeder

2010 (29484)[edit]

Christmas 2010 Rubi-Ka-safaris-guide.jpg Rubi-Ka Safaris Guide is located in Borealis near the Rubi-Ka Whompahs. She is offering a different trip for each of the 12 days of Christmas. At each destination you will find a guide providing information on the location and a gift. Some even offer a free warp back to Borealis.
If you need help getting there she will cast on you Rubi-Ka Safari: Parrot Rubi-Ka Safari: Parrot on you.
For a list of all items see Rubi-ka tours: 12 days of AO Christmas locations and items by Namiru
Gift wrapped leet.jpg Gift Wrapped Leet in Borealis is needing help in finding six stolen gifts scattered around Borealis. Help him by finding the stolen gifts and returning them to him.

2009 (29483)[edit]

2008 (29482)[edit]

Santa Leet's Goodies[edit]



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2003 (29477)[edit]

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2001 (29475)[edit]

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