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While Omni-Tek presents a front united by the workings of its bureaucracy, it is also a herd restricted by its bureaucracy. Clan activities are hampered by their infighting and fractiousness, but they are strengthened by their mobility, freedom, and ability to act swiftly and independently.

The Clan also benefits from the good cop (New Dawn) / bad cop (Eco Warriors or Sentinels) effect. Omni will deal with New Dawn because they fear worse. Similarly, the minds of Rubi-Ka citizens are turned toward the Clan ethos by the furthest extremes; normal is more to the Clan side if the far extreme of politics is further to the Clan side.

Once you get past the fascination with the hierarchy and pecking order and efficiency of Omni, Clan interactions are the more interesting to be found on Rubi-Ka. Because they are more free to act, they are more prone to be human.


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Sometime in the late 29th Millennium, before the Civil Wars, Omni-Tek conducts experiments on colonists, using genetic manipulation to create for their enterprise the perfect employees. With the most sophisticated of scalpels, the tiny knives of Nanobots, laboratories carve the bodies that will toil and the minds that will serve; out of their blood and agony and subsequent sweat, rise the elegant and jaded towers of Rome. Omni-Tek managers call the successful results of their scientists' genetic engineering, Breeds. The unsuccessful experiments, that escaped death in the killing facilities, escaped from laboratories or simply left to die in the wastes, they call Mutants.

Clans Rights Treaty[edit]

In 29223, the Clan receives its first concession from Omni-Tek. When they had asked only for workers' rights, Omni had refused, and sowed the seeds of this utter destruction of their unlimited autonomy over the whole of Rubi-Ka, right down to the lives of its inhabitants.

Tir Accord[edit]

It was hundreds of years later that the Tir Accord put these concessions in writing. Needless to say, the terms are as limited as OT lawyers can contrive:

Tir Accord text:

"The clans are granted a limited lease on land from Omni-Tek in return for an end to all future armed hostilities and the continued cooperation with Omni-Tek's mining operations. This is the Clans Rights Treaty - the true birth of Rubi-Kan independence."
"Annex 1A: Territoral Division:
Omni-Tek is the superior governing body of the entirety of Rubi-Ka, but will leave the Council to supervise the areas of Tir, Tir County, Athen, Athen Shire, Aegan, Northern Artery Valley, The Big One, Avalon, Mort, Newland, and Western Endless Plains." - Forums

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