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A mission chain that starts in the old starting town of West Athen, although any part of the chain can be taken on its own and even repeated until level 30. At least some of these may be level Capped; Inventor Bobic's Missions were capped at 31, and Callista Zazzera's delivery to Tir is still; it cannot be undertaken or completed at level 31 and higher. The Lock Pick Mission appears to be capped at level 24 or 25. Most of the later NPCs offer missions of their own that are not part of the chain and are far more lucrative. Now that Living Cyber Armor levels up much higher, the penultimate mission in the chain is more attractive, also. Clan players will almost certainly want to do the Rings of Tir for buffing stats.

Neutrals will not be able to complete the missions before Genghis Pan, find Pan's mission to be little worth it, and, like Clanners, the ones after Commander Brock to be unmissable.

Where Clan players used to enter Rubi-Ka: the entrance to the town of West Athen

Lock Pick Mission[edit]

Lock Pick Graham Simons, apart from telling jokes, also asks you to fetch him a Vagabond Cloak from the Condemned Subway, whose closed-off entrance is nearby. Should you make it to ICC HQ and return with a Cloak, or have one with you already, he will award you with a Lock Pick. This mission is repeatable; Simons will give a Lock Pick and XP for each Cloak. Since the Subway has a level 25 limit, Simons will not give the mission to higher level characters. It is not known whether he uses the old level limit of 24 or the new. He pays no attention to whether the character has a Lock Pick already, such as from the Arete Landing mission.

Inside the Subway you'll find a room with dogs and muggers. Kill Vagabonds in the room on the left and right, and about one in four will drop the cloak.

Bio Comminutor Mission[edit]

Basic Bio-Comminutor
Annie Kingsglade asks you to return a Basic Bio-Comminutor to Robert Ryan, located just outside the Basic Shop in West Athens . Kingsglade will give the mission to level 30s and possibly higher.

He doesn't want it anymore so he'll let you keep it. Change monster parts into more valuable Blood Plasma with this tool.

Annie used to ask for it back, too, should she see the player again. She was not as generous as Ryan, and would pocket the tool. She is considerably less insistent about it these days. She will still take it from the player if they accept her request. The Bio-Com can be bought in the Trades section of stores, but if you want to keep Ryan's one for yourself, just take a tip from Annie's own playbook and ignore/avoid her.

Nano Crystal (Pharmaceutical Expertise) Buying a Nano Crystal (Pharmaceutical Expertise) and Agility and Intelligence Boosts will allow you to do this without spending any Improvement Points in Pharma Tech for a while. If you can, it is probably more lucrative to choose enemies that drop weapons and armor, such as are to be found in Biomare. Monster Parts are ubiquitous and Pharmacy skill is at least fun, though it probably isn't as lucrative as grinding weapons. You can always save up the Monster Parts and find a player with Pharma Tech to convert them for you.

Robert Ryan now gives a mission to Callista as well, giving you a chip to give to her, near the Whompahs in Old Athen

Tirbo Ratcatcher[edit]

Robert Ryan used to direct newcomers to Tirbo Ratcatcher. There may always have been a level limit on this mission. At any rate, it is quite possible that Tirbo will give nothing, directing the player to "go kill some Omni rat-bastards" instead. Without the mission marker you will have to find Tirbo yourself; he is located outside of West Athen, west of town at (327,360). If you choose to talk to him about other ways to help, he will send you on a quest of his own to Callista, and he does not care if you are Neutral; Callista will not reciprocate and the mission must be deleted. If Tirbo does not appraise you and your gear as overqualified, he would be happy to outsource the task of ridding the area of Rollerrats to you. He also is not picky about which Rollerrats you kill, or where, and will exchange any Undamaged Roller-Rat tail tails you may have found, even those brought from the ICC Shuttleport or the Backyards, for some experience and a piece of armor to sell in the shop or use as Social Clothes. Rollerrats also drop Undamaged Piece of Rubbery Rollerrat Flesh, used to make and upgrade a Rollerrat Helmet, cheaper and better than a Carbonum helm, but still expensive for newcomers.

Callista Zazzera[edit]

Robert Ryan also directs newcomers to Calista Zazzera next to the whompahs in Old Athen, at 441 x 303. Callista has business with Iratius Kaiser, just a few steps away through the whompah to Tir, and the mission is repeatable.

Belt Component Platform Ti-200X Belt Component Platform Ti-200X is her reward. Players who completed the mission to take the belt to the vendor Antonio Stacklund at ICC Shuttleport will not require it, but it can be sold.

A few hundred whompah trips can raise a character fresh out of the Condemned Subway to a quite satisfactory level to enter the Temple of Three Winds, although this will only suit players accustomed to the most monotonous XP grinding (less, Callista Zazz, and more Callista Zzz?), and ones that do not have the credits for the gear to pursue faster means of levelling.

Also bear in mind that a lucrative mission reward, the OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz, is offered in missions around this level, so players with Clicksaver might be losing out on money, not saving it, by spending certain levels on Callista's mission.

Helpbot will list the Quality Levels of missions that are available to a character of a certain level; simply type /tell helpbot level 22 , for example, and Helpbot will list: "Team 16-30 | PvP 17-29 | 17600 XP | Missions 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 24, 26, 28, 33, 38". This is the level of players that a level 22 player can team with, the level a 22 can fight in Tower Wars etc, how much XP is required to get to the next level, and the QLs of missions that a 22 can receive from a mission terminal.

Iratius Kaiser[edit]

Grants a 25% Controller Recompiler Unit to repair Org City Controllers

More to the point, though, he offers players a mission to bestow a
Food Preperation License Food Preperation (sic) License upon Ghengis Pan, at 421 x 451 in Tir.

Ghengis Pan[edit]

Bringing the Licence to Pan starts a sub-mission: Within seven minutes, take the
Supply Crate Supply Crate Pan gives, and deliver it to Sam Chin in the east of Tir County (2721,621). Achieving this is rewarded with:
Nano Crystal (Computer Literacy Proficiency) Nano Crystal (Computer Literacy Proficiency). Again, not worth uploading.

Neutrals can take this mission. They will not be shot at by the regular Tir guards, nor the Sentinel soldiers, but the Sentinel leaders are another story. There is one at the south gate, which is the quickest way to Sam Chin on foot, and one at the west gate too.

Sam Chin[edit]

Frozen Leet Yummies Frozen Leet Yummies need to be taken west to Inventor Bobic who is also in a little town northwest of Tir (Tir County 1911 x 1401). Bobic gives out missions of his own, for the best reward available to low level Clan members, with his neighbor in the same town, Nodda Gregg, giving a mission that is a close second.

Nodda Gregg, usually burger-less

Back east again, to deliver
Substance Analysis RNDY5554651 Substance Analysis RNDY5554651 to High Commander Brock (2861,741) just northwest of Sam Chin.

High Commander Brock[edit]

Brock, in addition to the Rings of Tir mission, gives out two more tasks.

Locate Nodda Gregg[edit]

Personnel Locator Personnel Locator Use and return.

Deliver Requisition Order[edit]

Requisition Order Requisition Order to Good Time Party Mixer in Newland City (466,344)

Good Time Party Mixer[edit]

Rewards delivery of the Requisition Order with:
Thermos Thermos

The Good Time Party Mixer also has a mission for the pieces of Living Cyber Armor that cannot be found in the Condemned Subway: the Chest, Boots, and Gloves.

And Back to the Beginning[edit]

The Good Time Party Mixer gives a Thermos, which Annie Kingsglade will take off your hands (just make sure you don't choose the line of dialogue where she asks about the Bio Comminutor, because she will take that back from you and you lose it), in exchange for:
A Leet Doll A Leet Doll.
Keep it, especially if you are a Fixer, since it is used in the Fixer Grid Mission, or sell it, especially to a Fixer who needs it. They can however be bought at the 'Tools 'n' Stuff' shop Borealis, for 10k or so credits. You can see the Good Time Party Mixer at the beginning, if you want, and start the mission series with him. This makes the series circular, and so you can start it with any of the NPCs

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