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While Omni-Tek presents a front united by the workings of its bureaucracy, it is also a herd restricted by its bureaucracy. Clan activities are hampered by their infighting and fractiousness, but they are strengthened by their mobility, freedom, and ability to act swiftly and independently.

The Clan also benefits from the good cop (New Dawn) / bad cop (Eco Warriors or Sentinels) effect. Omni will deal with New Dawn because they fear worse. Similarly, the minds of Rubi-Ka citizens are turned toward the Clan ethos by the furthest extremes; normal is more to the Clan side if the far extreme of politics is further to the Clan side.

Once you get past the fascination with the hierarchy and pecking order and efficiency of Omni, Clan interactions are the more interesting to be found on Rubi-Ka. Because they are more free to act, they are more prone to be human.

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