Collecting Carbon


Collect three Carbonrich Rock and give them to Xenobiologist Grimes

Agency Both

Level 179-199

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10-15


The soil of Rubi-Ka is a vast reserve of carbon mineral, a component with many possible uses.
One of our clients, Xenobiologist Grimes in Central Artery Valley, has requested Carbon Rich Rocks.
You're commissioned to locate and gather 3 carbon rocks, and deliver them to our client.


  • Substantial XP
  • Clan/Omni Mission tokens * 2


  1. Go to Central Artery Valley
  2. Go to Lava Ditches /waypoint 1200 1000 590
  3. Collect three Carbonrich Rocks by moving your cursor over them and left clicking them
  4. Go to the Northwest Corner to find Xenobiologist Grimes
  5. If she is not near the building look for her along the trail leading up the building
  6. Give her three Carbonrich Rock to finish the mission

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