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External Resources[edit]


NPC Info Template Display Mission Icons

Flagging Articles[edit]

  • If a page doesn't appear to be appropriate/relevant to AO, the template can be added: {{delete}}
  • If a page appears to be outdated, and needs time to be updated, add the tag: {{outdated}}

Adding In-Game Content[edit]


NPC Dialog[edit]

When including dialog from an NPC, do so as a summary and/or paraphrasing. DO NOT copy/paste the entire conversation with an NPC. This is primarily for spoiler reasons, and secondly due to how bad it looks as it reads like a transcript and never looks good on a page intended to be encyclopedic.
Instead, try to summarize what the NPC is saying into something shorter, paraphrasing as needed so you're not doing a lot of direct quotes. Occasional quotes are fine, where it may be really important, but most dialog should be easily compressed into something more easily read.

Files & Images[edit]

Screen Shots[edit]

  • Tips for taking clean, UI-free screen shots:
    • To hide the most basic UI elements (buttons, compass, agg/def slider) press: SHIFT + |
    • To hide all chat windows, open your friends list (CTRL + 7) and expand the Chat Windows section. Click each chat window name to hide them. Clicking them again will make the window (or tab) reappear where it was.

Categories of Pages Needing Edits[edit]