Council Of Truth

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The Tower of Truth building in Tir, where the Council of Truth meetings take place

The Council of Truth acts as a political governing body for the clans, allowing it to present a unified clan front in dealings with Omni-Tek and other entities.

Council of Truth History[edit]

Council of Truth first formed, 29,396[edit]

The Council of Truth dates back to the Second Rubi-Ka Civil War. The original CoT was formed with two objectives: one was to end clan separatism giving the independent and often scattered clans a unified voice; the other objective was to present a common, non-violent front with which to negotiate with Omni-Tek on diplomatic terms.

At the time Omni-Tek was engaged in the Second Corporate Wars, which at its height involved 250 solar systems and over 100 corporation. Thus, they were more inclined to look for a peaceful solution to the conflict with the clans. With Omni-Tek focusing its efforts on the Corporate Wars, the Second Rubi-Ka Civil War came to an end.

The Council of Truth was successful in unifying most of the clans and establishing a political hold over the northern territories. Even so, some clans chose not to affiliate themselves with the CoT, and continued to engage in attacks against Omni-Tek. With various incidences of violence and terrorist acts outside of the CoT's knowledge and control, Omni-Tek declared that the CoT cannot be trusted. This led to the Third Rubi-Ka Civil War starting with the Battle of Stret in 29,461.

Henry Radiman as CoT Leader, 29,467 - 29,476[edit]

It was in the midst of the Third Rubi-Ka Civil War that Henry Radiman took leadership of the council.

As the situation escalated and clan troops closed in on Omni-1, a 90-day ceasefire was signed. With the intervention of the ICC, on July 5th 29,470 the CoT and OT signed the Tir Accord which brought about a permanent ceasefire and territorial settlement. Some clans viewed this as concession to corporate demands, and Simon Silverstone declared the CoT traitors to the clan cause. The Sentinels cut their ties with the CoT and were promptly joined by a number of extremist clans. The CoT assured OT that they will do all they can to curtail military actions by clan-affiliated separatists, and eventually the CoT succeeded in bringing in the majority of the separatist clans in for talks. This led to the Tir Accords Addendum, and though OT abandoned its operations in northern Rubi-Ka, the clans never officially gained independence.

Though scattered incidences of conflict between rogue clans and OT still took place, a fragile peace held. In hopes of a lasting peace, Philip Ross offered Unconditional Amnesty for clan-affiliated citizens. The Amnesty was met with skepticism by the clans, and placed much pressure on the Council of Truth to offer an official statement. The CoT was criticized for a long silence, and various clan factions broke ties with the council. Three weeks after the Amnesty was announced, Radiman called a summit of unaffiliated clans to hear the opinions of those outside the council. Some time after the meeting, the Council of Truth acknowledged the amnesty and voted for peace talks with Omni-Tek.

As before, scattered incidences of violence and conflict led to a break down of communication, with talks being officially halted in January of 29,476. The Council of Truth maintained the talks were terminated by Omni-Tek and that the council wished to continue. An attack on Omni-1, later shown to be the work of the Dust Brigade, contributed to further tension between the two parties. Matters escalated as clan citizens reacted with violence to the CoT-supported presence of Omni-Pol in Sabulum, ending the amnesty.

As the tentative peace the CoT had managed to build appeared to be crumbling, Henri Radiman disappeared. The clans grew anxious, protesting the lack of activity while viewing the Council of Truth with growing skepticism. Matters did not improve upon Radiman's return, many now viewing him in disfavor for having left on what he termed his pilgrimage when the clans needed the council and his leadership the most.

On September 29,476 the Council of Truth disappeared, leading to rumors of a military coup against Radiman and council members. As a consequence of the council’s disappearance, the Tir Accord was annulled by Omni-Tek. In order to ensure a steady supply of Notum leaving the planet, the ICC removed OT's monopoly on mining, essentially starting the Fourth Rubi-Ka Civil Wars, called by some The Notum Wars.

As the Voice of Freedom clan publication wrote, "Peace. It slipped through our fingers."

Council of Truth reformation, 29,477[edit]

In November of 29,477, the first steps were taken to form a new Council of Truth when Radiman met with a group of Clan leaders. By December, the clerical staff had established the ground work specifying requirements for Council of Truth participants. Among continuing rumors of the CoT's and Radiman's connection to the Dust Brigade, Radiman made a speech in Tir urging the clans to once again unite in a "Great Council of Truth."

The first meeting of the newly reformed council took place in April of 29,478.

Radiman steps aside, leaving the council in the hands of a new generation. Simon Silverstone is elected as the leader of the council, though he steps down from the position leaving the Knights of Avalon in that role. With The Sentinels' prominent involvement in the Council of Truth, OT raises questions as to the council's peaceful intentions.

The tone of the council shifted direction again with the election of Aideen Landau of the Unionists as Speaker on January 6th, 29,481 shortly after their successful takeover of 4 Holes.

CoT Controversy[edit]

Even from its beginnings, many clans viewed the CoT as a concession to corporate demands. There are those who believed the Tir Accord was not in the clans' best interest, and maintain that the clans were likely to have won the Third Rubi-Ka Civil War had the ceasefire not been called. The CoT's allowing Omni troops to conduct searches within Clan cities are some of the incidences often cited against the CoT.

On the Omni side, the CoT is at times viewed as a smoke screen for clan acts of terrorism. Some see the council as a tactic used to delay and distract Omni-Tek with talk while CoT backed terrorists strike against the corporation. Rumors circulate implying a connection between the CoT and Dust Brigade; these notions are more popular among Omni personnel.

In-Game Council of Truth Meetings[edit]

The Council of Truth has for a long time been a player-run and ARK-supported in-game initiative with regularly held meetings between player and Legacy Characters. Much of its history is based on player-driven, in-game happenings.

The council has taken different paths since its inception as a regular event on the Rimor and Atlantean servers. In its current form on the Rubi-Ka server, the Council of Truth Meetings take place in Tir on the first Saturday of every second month, starting with February. An election for new Speaker is held in December, which sets the tone for the Council of Truth in the following year.