Crash Site

Crash site with Chaos Beetle in the foreground


Kill five groups of five mobs each at Spaceship Crash Site in Milky Way

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level 76+

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 15-30


Numerous crash sites dot the surface of Rubi-Ka, unlucky ships brought down from space either by gravity or something more... explosive. These sites have become popular gathering spots for the rejected and forgotten - Mutants, scavengers, cyborgs, and other such unpleasantness. Clear one such area from these threats to claim your reward.


  • Substantial XP
  • Mission tokens * 2


Travel to 20K in Pleasant Meadows. Clan: Grid to 2HO, take the Whompah at 2HO furthest from the Grid exit named "S. Artery Valley". Now you are in 10-3, with Dr. Hercules Lincoln (the Omni contact for the Biomare missions) to the North; turn to the South and go through the whompah to 20K. Once in Pleasant Meadows, travel north to the zone wall and pass through to Milky Way and north again to the marker's target map location. Go along the west side of the crash site so not to get attacked by mobs until their turn in the mission comes up. As you kill each group in the mission, the mission location changes. You might also find some players camping the Drill Surgeons for the Miy's Armor pieces they drop. They spawn quickly enough so there should be enough for all. Each group increases in difficulty and teaming will help.

Some mission XP is received after each group of five. The mission is completed after killing the fifth mob in the last group.

The Drills have a tendency to spawn all at once and converge on the travellers that killed them, so take care if you are farming Miy's Armor. The Chaos Beetles are passive; they will only add to fights with Gunbeetles that they see, and of course return fire. The rest are aggressive; perhaps unusually so for mid level RK mobs. The Babyfaces seem to have a wider aggro radius, and they are less common, so you will need to cover more ground or wait for respawns. The patrol route of the Bileswarms is designed to maximize their propensity to add in dangerous swarms; this can be alleviated or avoided altogether by going to the extreme south edge of the desert area and fighting the Bileswarms that patrol through the canyon there. Body pulling or Crowd Control is a must if attacking Bileswarms travelling on the primary circuit.

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