Crypt of Home Elite Assignment


Crypt of Home Elite Assignment Elite Assignment - Kill 3 of each type of Mob


The Crypt of Home houses an ancient creature, Cerubin the Rejected, who has been resting in this chamber for ages. Gain access to his crypt and immobilize what he has awoken.

Kill 3 of each of the following to claim your reward.

  • Kill 3 Eclipsers
  • Kill 3 Blorrgs
  • Kill 3 Skin Crawlers
  • Kill 3 Abyss Serpents
  • Kill 3 Kizzermoles
  • Kill 3 Awakened Pit Demons
  • Kill 3 Necromancers
  • Kill 3 Crypt Guardians


  • Kill Cerubin the Rejected


XP and Tokens for Clan and Omni fractions


Go to the Crypt of Home Dungeon located in Broken Shores. It is quicker and safer to team up with other toons in killing the different mob types. Teaming with high level toons will not earn you XP for the actual killing of the mob but you will receive XP for completing each objective.

XP is earned after each objective is meet. Half the of the tokens are awarded when you are half-way through the objectives. Killing mobs outside of the current targeted group will not towards that group until it become the active group.