Cyborg Infiltration

Make your way to Cyborg Barracks (3233 2333) as usual. Out of range of the Cyborgs near the entrance, equip the Vacuum Packed Cyborg Costume. Run through the barracks to the last room and scan the Prototype Inferno with the Information Tool - Combined. To do that, select the prototype and right-click the info tool in your inventory. You need Perception of 26 to use it. This will complete the mission and you get to keep the information tool and the cyborg costume.

It is not safe to stand AFK, even as little as five minutes, at the entrance. This may be a bug or intended. As long as you don't attack any foes inside, they will not aggro you. As always, feel free to report any variations or bugs by editing the article.

With simulated necrotic flesh and robotic limbs, the player will look a little like this. The uniquely vacant and at the same time murderous stare of the real thing is beyond duplication

The Cyborg Costume, despite the warning on the box, lasts a long time. No one seems to know how long, so probably a very long time. Possibly forever. It can be bought, of course, from the Agency kiosk, and bought or mission-provided ones can be traded before putting them on, but once equipped, costumes become NODROP. Duplicate costumes are deleted when a new mission box is opened, but duplicate Information Tools are not, and they have neither level limit nor other restrictions, other than the usual Concealment check.

Attacking Cyborgs while the suit is equipped will aggro them, of course, and so will healing another player with nanos or kits. Not only the current cyborgs will aggro, but subsequent spawns of Cyborgs will aggro also, similar to the way that Omni Guards will attack flagged players at Biomare/Longest Road complex.

Using the Information Tool on the "Prototype Inferno":

"Your target's Maximum Health is: 20884. The Max Nano points are: 3754. The Current Nano Points are: 3754. Your target is aggressive and will attack anyone not on same side. Your target's level is: 85"


Infiltrate the Cyborg Barracks

Agency Old Athen and Rome Blue

Level 25-50


Mission target

An aggressive branch of the cyborg population has set up a command center. You have been requested to infiltrate this location, with your primary objective being intrusion. By pretending to be one of the cyborgs, your goal is to study their behavior - A specialized program linked to your NCU and HUD will automatically report back to the Agency headquarters as you infiltrate their headquarters.

After you have infiltrated the command center, you will need to use a combined Information Tool on the Prototype Inferno located deep within the barracks - To do this, follow the instructions on the information tool. Once you have done this, your mission will be considered complete and you may leave the command center.

As part of the Freelancer Inc. services you will receive an Equipment Pack in your inventory - This pack contains important items you will need to complete this mission.


  • variable XP, a little more than what's needed in total to gain 1 player level.
  • 4 Mission Tokens
  • Information Tool - Combined
  • Vacuum Packed Cyborg Costume

The cyborg costume used to be bugged and did not work on cyborgs outside the barracks, only inside.