Dark Ruins Team Quest

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After completing Dark Ruins Solo Quest you can return with a team to defeat the cultist once again. To enter the instance in Adonis at /waypoint 1698.3, 535.9, 4872, you must be in team and not above level 200. The other members need not be present and can be a Froob. After entering, you not need to stay in a team. However, if every in the team happens to die or leaves, the instance will reset.

In addition to earning XP and having fun killing the mobs over and over again, you can collect parts of Goddess Armor which drops from The Spirit Goddess. While there, you can request three missions from Jobe Investigator George, when completed or deleted, you must wait 18 hours before requesting them again.

Jobe Investigator George


Talk to Jobe Investigator George to receive three missions; "A Goddess Recurring", "Bring the Cult To An End", "Release the Spirit Manifesta..." and a Energy Focus Disruptor Energy Focus Disruptor. He is located near the instance entrance/exit.

Bring the Cult To An End[edit]

A rare type of mushroom has been spotted in the area since the cult of the spirit Goddess was dealth with. The Cult has been formerly known to mix substances from various plants for destructive effects. Experts say this is indicating the return of surviving worshippers, gathering yet again in the Dark Ruins in hopes of repossession the Goddess benevolence. Find them and stop them before they regain their former power.

Reward 7M XP

Scattered in main area are mushrooms. Next them might be a sneaking cultist hidden worshiping it. Performing a search with a perception of 450+ will expose the sneaking cultist. When discovered, they will ignore you until attacked, then any nearby cultist might attack you as well.

Returning Cultist

Release the Spirit Manifesta...[edit]

The cult previously operating Dark Ruins have found a way to use the power of their Goddess to capture their foe in the manifestation of a spirit. Please do what you can to release the foe from this miserable fate.

Reward 7M XP

A Goddess Recurring[edit]

The Spirit Goddess lost most of her followers, but there are still a few who secretly worship her - Their faith brings her into existence yet again! Do what you can to take her down.

Reward 7M XP


All of these mobs will attack you on sight

Climbing Creeper


Notum Saturated Rafter

Remember to get them in the Novictum pots scattered about to disable to disable their reflect.
Dark Ruins novictum pool.jpg


Special DOJA Chip Special DOJA Chip (UNIQUE) Right click them for mission and turn them in at Jobe Research for lots of XP every 18hours.

Scarlett Dalquist Dialog

Scarlett Dalquist: If you are here for a tour please go through my assistant. If you got any tags, discs or chips just hand them to me.
Player: I have found a special DOJA Chip in Dark Ruins.
Scarlett Dalquist: Hand it to me.
{{Colors|black|#efefef|She plugs the chip into a customized data scanner.
Scarlett Dalquist: Oh yeah. This is one of mine alright... Unknown Location... Where did you say that you found this?
Player: I found it in Dark Ruins in Adonis.
Scarlett Dalquist: Ah! Never been there, myself. Thanks. I'll make a note of it. Please let me know if you find any more of those chips. I'm starting an export now though, so can't talk...
Notum Filled Gem Stone Notum Filled Gem Stone Can be cut and sell for 450K+ in OMNI shop terminals.
Pearl Shawdowland Gems Makes Shadow Gem Rings

Other SL loot such as Small Patch of Hard Novictum Spangled Hide

Release Info

Added in release 18.2.2


  • Dark Ruins - Solo / Team Experience instanced playfields:
  • A New XP-rich story driven playfield aimed at Title Level 5 players with the Shadowlands expansion.
  • Entrance located in Adonis City.
  • First entrance into this area will be locked as a single-player quest.
  • Once the single-player mission series has been completed, a repeatable team experience will be available within the same area.
  • The initial solo experience is available for all levels, the repeatable team experience is available for levels 150-200.
  • Includes new armour set designed for Title Level 5 players.

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