Deep Artery Valley

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Gigantic levitating buildings in the shape of cocoons and elevated mazes dot the rocky landscape of Deep Artery Valley. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, it would seem that the advanced if brutal civilization of the Medusae is responsible for the fabrication of these structures.

A field of QL 60-230 Carbonrich Rock can be found at Deep Artery Valley 1685 x 2950.

There are no Grid or Whompah exits in DAV, other than Fixer Grid exits.

DAV is surrounded by Central Artery Valley, Southern Artery Valley, and Belial Forest, making the Outpost 10-3, CAV and Wine whompahs the closest access.


Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
100-150 1140, 3380 Old Ruins
100-150 3180, 2900 Plains of Defense
130-180 1740, 2300 The Haunted Forest Outskirt
130-180 900, 2200 Forest of Xzawkaz
200-300 2260, 1860 In the Swamp of Horrors
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
130-180 1420, 1500 Island of Control
130-180 1340, 1140 The Swamp of Hope
200-300 2900, 1100 South of the Medusa
140-210 2140, 780 Middle of the Foul Forest
200-300 540, 540 Southern Forest of Xzawkaz



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