Den Loot Controller


Kill 3 of each smuggler types in Smuggler's Den.

Title Level 6 (125 - 149)

Dungeon has no level restrictions.


Den Loot Controller

The Smugglers Den is filled with illegal activity, but the company has little jurisdiction this deep underground. Your assignment is to take out as many of the smugglers as possible to keep their activity at a minimum.

Kill 3 of each smuggler type to claim your reward.

  • Kill 3 Den Loot Controllers
  • Kill 3 Den Protectors MK II
  • Kill 3 Den Loot Wardens
  • Kill 3 Den Adamant Hounds
  • Kill 3 Den Rookie Smugglers
  • Kill 3 Den Smuggler Pilots
  • Kill 3 Den Smuggler Technicians
  • Kill 3 Den Smuggler Thugs
  • Kill 3 Den Smuggler Brutes
  • Kill 3 Den Veteran Smugglers


As with all daily missions, completing Den Loot Controller will yield a substantial amount of xp, along with a number of tokens equivalent to successfully completing 2 whole individual missions.


Kill Mobs groups in order. Beware they swarm

Map for this dungeon[edit]