Depths of the Mantis Hive


Kill five mantis of each type in Smuggler's Den.

Agency: Rome Blue and Old Athens

Level: ?-199


Den Mantis Ravagers

The Mantis Hive is a massive network of underground tunnels, built by the mutated mantis creatures which roam Rubi-Ka. These are vicious creatures which were never intended for the Rubi-Kan ecosystem, and are spreading across the planet at alarming rates. Your mission is to breech the main breeding caves of their hive and exterminate the dangerous beasts at the source.

You must kill five of each mantis type to reduce their numbers.

  • Kill 5 Den Mantis Ravagers
  • Kill 5 Den Nano-Mantis
  • Kill 5 Den Hive Guardians
  • Kill 5 Den Mantis Breeders
  • Kill the Den Mantis Queen


XP and Tokens for Clan and Omni fractions