Des Morck

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Des Morck, Smuggler, sells Burst of Speed Stims and Muscular Stims. Getting his start in Hope at 2835 x 1940, he has grown bolder with his success and now enjoys the uncertain legal climate of ICC HQ

Des Morck is a Smuggler, of Smuggler's Den fame. His long and convoluted dialogue introduces the player to that dungeon and the story surrounding it. He was first seen in the ramshackle village of Hope, north of Mack's 'Beer 'n' Booze' bar door, west of the whompahs, south of the north Hope gate Hope at 2835 x 1940. The throngs of mercenaries eager for the Smugglers' Den's riches inspired him to broaden his horizons. He moved to ICC HQ; what part such a smuggler plays in the movement of ships and cargo at the planet's largest spaceport can only be imagined.

Des Morck's Dialogue from Anarchy Online (in part):

"The man looks around for a moment before speaking with a hushed tone.
Des Morck: Hey. Yeah, you. You lookin' for a pick-me-up?
Player Name: Uh, no, I'm good thanks...
Des Morck: You sure? This is real primo stuff I got my hands on here. Have you flyin' like a kite and livin' like a star. Just that lil' boost everyone needs now and then.
Player Name: No, I'm sure.
Des Morck: Your loss, pal. But if you need something to get you goin', I gots that good gravy, ya know?
Player Name: Isn't it a little risky asking random people to buy illegal stims?
Des Morck: Eh. Nature of the game, boss. That's just how we roll. 'sides, I've gotten smart enough to pick my clientele pretty wisely. Not like I'm gonna wander up to Zora and ask him if he wants the latest in "alternative relaxation" or nothin'.
Player Name: How lucrative is this sort of thing?
Des Morck: Why you ask? You lookin' to get into the market? I do a little resale work sometimes too, ya know? You think you gots some clients, I might could see about getting ya a bulk discount or somethin'.
Player Name: Just curious, really.
Des Morck: Eh, I make enough ta get by. Business has been a lil' slow, ta be honest - Ever since my last supplier took a wrong turn down in the den... told that idiot he needed to get insured soon as he stepped off the boat. Never listened to me.
Player Name: The den?
Des Morck: Oh. Uh... yeah. The den. What, you ain't never heard of it? Smuggler's Den, where most of us with, uh... shall we say... "fringe lifestyles" tend to find our fix. Ain't really no big secret or nothin'.

  • So what is this den, exactly?
  • How do you get there?
  • What happened to your last supplier?
  • What's with all the mantis?
  • If it's so well-known and so illegal, why hasn't it been shut down?
  • Actually, nevermind...
  • Goodbye"