Distress Signal


Bring Burst of Speed Stim Burst of Speed Stim to the client at /waypoint 204.7, 1139.7, 795

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level 50-74

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10 minutes


An emergency signal was received by the Agency. The person in need of your help is located at The Longest Road. Make sure the client is safe and investigate the reason behind the distress signal.


  • Variable XP, a little more than what's needed in total to gain 1 player level. An error message warns of teaming with higher level characters, but the XP is given anyway.
  • Mission Tokens


Buy Burst of Speed Stim Burst of Speed Stim before going to The Longest Road. Follow road to west end ( /waypoint 204.7, 1139.7, 795) to find client. Talk to NPC and tell him that you are from The Agency and he will ask for Burst of Speed Stim to help him get to the nearest Grid Terminal. Give Burst of Speed Stim to NPC to complete mission.

Justin Wood

For the benefit of those players that choose business over curiousity, and tell Wood that they are from the Agency, this is what he says if you say, "What?"

"Justin Wood: Whaddaya mean 'what'? The false advertising! "Longest Road" - What a bunch of leet crap! I mean, I came all the way out here thinkin' to myself "Hey, awesome, a really long road - Wonder what's at the end of it?" 'cause, I mean, you'd think if it's the longest road around there'd be stuff to see, right?"

Here, the dialogue branches:

"Player: A terraforming border?"
"Justin Wood: A terraforming border! The road ain't even that long!! I spent the last five hours running my legs off to get out here and now what do I get? I get nothing! Gods this is lame!"
"Player: You're telling me...
"Justin Wood: Anyway, you lost out here too or did you need something?"

...which leads back to the Agency dialogue, or

"Player: No, I'm good. Just hanging out..."
"Justin Wood: Great. Well, you'll forgive me if I don't feel much like talking right now. A little too ticked off. Stupid road... "

Other path:

"Player: Maybe?"
"He doesn't seem to pay much attention to your reply (or lack thereof), instead simply lost in his ranting."
"Justin Wood: Of course that's what you'd think! I mean, I was lookin' forward to checking the thing out - Getting some exploration in, you know? Roam around, see new sights, splat a few pests... and instead I get this - This!"

..to which the player can request elaboration: "A really long road?", but gets the same contradictory reply as the "A terraforming border?" query, only with those two things transposed