Dr.Darnell - Deliver Reference Library

Dr. Hestyia


Dr. Darnell asked you to deliver the Symbolism Reference Library to Dr. Hestyia.

Realtime left: 0 days, 12 hours, 58 minutes.


Profession Specific reward

Adventurer Nano Crystal (A Clear Sense of Scheol (Team))
Agent Nano Crystal (Lesser Predator)
Bureaucrat Nano Crystal (Skilled Gunslinger)
Doctor Nano Crystal (Advanced Instinctive Control)
Enforcer Ephemeral Annoyance ql 120
Engineer Nano Crystal (Lesser Miniaturization)
Fixer Nano Crystal (Minor NCU Crash)
Keeper Shield of the Honorable Warrior
Martial Artist Nano Crystal (Kyudo)
Meta-Physicist Mesmerizing Staff of Francois
Nano Technician Nano Crystal (Nanobot Shelter)
Shade Necklace of Alacrity
Soldier Deflection Amplifier
Trader Nano Crystal (Minor Nanobot Defense)


  • Bring Jobe Research Symbolism Reference Library Jobe Research Symbolism Reference Library to Dr. Hestyia located in Southwest Upper Scheol at /waypoint 807.9, 614.0, 4880. Give her the reference library to receive your reward

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