Dr.Darnell - Serving up a plate


Dr. Darnell, the Social Anthropologist in Scheol is very interested in objects that the Xan used in their daily life. She is trying to get hold of items made with the spun-pygmaeus technique, and asked for your help to find some.

Find Spun Pygmaeus Platter in The Uncharted Entrance around 696.7, 1316.7
Give Spun Pygmaeus Platter to Dr. Darnell

You must target the spyn pygmaeus platter first and then pick it up to your inventory before you leave the mission to return to Dr. Darnell.

100,000 credits and XP.


The Uncharted Dungeon Entrance
  • After getting the mission, its location appears on your map but it is not obvious how to get there.
  • Go back up the ramp back until you can go any farther proceed along the right side until you fail off and land on the trail below. Now follow your map pointer towards the location.
  • Head West past the Girder Runts /waypoint 664.6, 1212.5, 4881 and turn left /waypoint 713.9, 1249.1, 4881 through the Mutant Spiders.
  • The dynamic dungeon contains both Redeemed and Unredeemed mobs, you can kill them or run past and look for a standard small mission box with a question mark on the side and leave.
  • You will find a Spun Pygmaeus Platter Spun Pygmaeus Platter and you mission will have changed to "Bring the platter to Dr. Darnell" to earn 100,000 credits and XP.
  • Follow your trail back to the Teleporter /waypoint 343, 1286, 4881 to transport you back to the top of tree and give Dr. Darnell the item.

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