Dr.Darnell - URGENT! get DNA samples


Analyses have shown that the Xan used some form of genetic marker to track and affect the development of other species. It is important for our research that we get more DNA samples from species found in Scheol. The species Girder Runt, Mutant Granite Spider and Toxic Shadows are found in the area where you're current studying the remains of the Xan culture and we therefore request that you collect the samples needed for our research. Follow the procedures for standard DNA sample extraction and deliver the samples to Ulf Reinhart at Port 5.

Deliver the DNA samples to Ulf Reinhart, Port 5 in Elysium.
Deliver receipt from Ulf Reinhart to Dr. Darnell

500,000 Credits and up to 500,000 XP.


  • After completing the mission Serving up a plate ask Dr. Darnell for a job and you will get this mission. These mobs were located along the way towards the previous missions dungeon entrance. Head back there and collect a sample from each if have not down so already.
  • Toxic Shadows /waypoint 669.7, 1166.9, 4881 Tagged Shadow DNA sample
  • Girder Runts /waypoint 664.6, 1212.5, 4881 Tagged Girder DNA sample
  • Mutant Granite Spider /waypoint 695.0, 1297.7, 4881 Tagged Spider DNA sample
  • Take items to Ulf Reinhart, Port 5 in Elysium. He is located in Elysium at /waypoint 1467.6, 1318.5, 4544. You will receive Delivery Confirmation Delivery Confirmation to give to Dr. Danell /waypoint 306, 1111, 4881.

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