Dr. Darnell - Ancient Urns

Dr. Hestyia
Ancient Urn
Vanward Four


Dr. Darnell has seen some urns on a hill in the Highlands. She wanted you to get hold of one and bring it to Dr. Hestyia for identification before you return it to Dr. Darnell.

Find Urn and bring it to Dr. Hestyia for identification.
Talk to Vanward Four
Return to Dr. Darnell with the urn.

Cash: 200000 credits
Experience: (Up to) 88 SK.

Note: No Time limit


  • Get Urn from Upper Scheol at /waypoint 957.8, 445.9, 4880
  • Give Urm to Dr. Hestyia at /waypoint 807.9, 614.0, 4880
  • Give Urn to Vanward Four in Lower Scheol at /waypoint 1111.2, 1361.3, 4881
  • Give Urn to Dr. Darnell at /waypoint 306, 1111, 4881

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