Dr. Darnell - Ancient rituals

Dr. Hestyia
Moss Covered Alter - Part 2
Great Mother - Part 2


Although Jobe scientists have found little proof of the Xan having rituals, the Yuttos claim they did, and Dr. Darnell wanted you to get hold of an artifact for her that could possibly be linked to a ritual. She said that Dr. Hestyia can help you get the information you needed to find and identify the artifact.

Dr. Hestyia told you to look for a staff in The Plunge - Facility Entrance at 1050.0, 1895.0.

Find Dr. Hestyia
Find Staff
Give Staff to Dr. Hestyia

You must target the scepter first and then pick it up to your inventory before you leave the mission to return to Dr. Hestyia.

Part 2

Use Xan Ritual Scepter on the Moss Covered Altar
Return Ritual Scepter to Dr. Hestyia Give Xan Ritual Scepter to Dr. Darnell

Part 2
200K credits and XP/SK.
Consanguineal Embryo of Annwn'Guinee

Note: No Time limit


  • Go talk to Dr. Hestyia /waypoint 807.9, 614.0, 4880. After you agree to find the artifact, your mission is updated. The location of the dynamic dungeon is located on the map.
  • The item is in a small mission box with a question mark on the side, target it and then pick it up. You will get a the item A Scepter A Scepter. The mission up dates and you need to return to Dr. Hestyia at /waypoint 807.9, 614.0, 4880.
  • Give her the Scepter to get part 2 of the mission.
  • For part 2 of the mission , travel to the map location in Upper Scheol. The Moss Covered Altar is located outside near a ledge.
  • Target the alter and and right the Scepter to summon Great Mother. Kill her to update your mission.
  • Return to Dr. Hestyia /waypoint 807.9, 614.0, 4880 and give her the scepter. Mission will update
  • Return to Dr. Darnell /waypoint 306, 1111, 4881 and give her the scepter for reward and Consanguineal Embryo of Annwn'Guinee Consanguineal Embryo of Annwn'Guinee which is used for Tier One armor.

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