Dr. Darnell - Learn about the gardens


Dr. Darnell told you to visit the Garden of Ocra here in Scheol.

She gave you the proper insignia that you need to use in order to access the garden, and now she hopes that you can learn something from visiting the Garden of Ocra.

Find the Roch Statue
Find the Ocra Statue
Talk to Conserver Ocra Jha-Ilad in the Garden of Ocra -or- Talk to Operator Bhotaar-Bhotaar in the Garden of Roch.
Return to Social Anthropologist Dr. Darnell

Cash: 200,000 credits
Experience: (Up to) 400,000 XP.


  • The two statues are near by. Roch at /waypoint 562.2, 1083.1, 4881 and Ocra at /waypoint 729.8, 1156.1, 4881. Left click on each. To visit the garden use the Insignia Dr.Darnell gave you on the appropriate statue.
  • Conserver Ocra Jha-Ilad look in the south of Ocra garden at /waypoint 359.9, 261.4, 4682.
  • Operator Bhotaar-Bhotaar Roch look in the far south west of Roch garden at /waypoint 323.2, 341.3, 4683.
  • As soon as you open a dialog with them the mission updates and you can return to Dr. Dr.Darnell. If you in the Roch Gardene use Passage to Cutching Light. Else if you are in Ocra Garden use Passage to The Twilight Basin

Conserver Ocra Jha-Ilad
Operator Bhotaar-Bhotaar Roch

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