Kill Ed Burton.


Your assignment is to go to the Lush Hills Resort to locate Ed Burton. He is the head of security and a great resource for information. Lately we have reason to believe he is a double agent. Investigate and report any compelling evidence back to us.

Remember that he might attack you on sight.


As with all daily missions, completing Eavesdropping will yield a substantial amount of xp, along with a number of tokens equivalent to successfully completing 2 whole individual missions.


Take the grid to Lush Fields. Once you exit the grid, Ed Burton awaits at the top of the southern swimming pool jump tower. You cannot access the area by flying, and must hence walk towards the foot of the tower, where you will be teleported instantly to the top. Ed Burton will immediately turn on you the moment you teleport up, so be prepared.

The fight will be nothing more than a simple tank and spank. Ed's flamethrower will hit between 150 to 300, while he himself has approximately 25k health. Once you have slain him, right click on the white floating box beside his corpse to take you down back to the ground level. Return to the agency and speak to the robot receptionist, who will then complete your mission for you.

Note: Everyone on the platform with the mission gets credit for the kill in their mission.

Difficulty: Extremely easy for Sloobs. Below Average difficulty for Froobs.

Approximate time taken for run: No more than 10 minutes.

Player Requirements[edit]

Title Level 5 (150-174)