Eco-toxicologist Drew

Eco-toxicologist Drew

All dialogue by FunCom, Anarchy Online

Drew's lines while the Prototype Formula is still running during that mission are very few:

Eco-Toxicologist Drew: "Hey!"
Player: "Get it off me! Get it off me!"
Eco-Toxicologist Drew: "Calm down, man. It's not hurting you that much. Hand me the NCU Analyzer, please."
He uploads a counter formula into your system. The nano program washes over you like a wave of sea water, overwriting the hostile effect immediately. Slowly you're starting to regain your health.

But he has more to say to passersby and those who speak to him after the mission

Player: "What does an Eco-Toxo... whatever-ist do?"
Eco-Toxicologist Drew: "Well. I can't speak for the rest of them, but I'm out here to establish some facts. Our Eco system is on the verge to collapse... little do we know about it nor do we care to learn, no. We sit on our behinds waiting for it to mend itself. I'm tired of this stuff... Hell, stimmers gets more attention than my research. So, I'm not returning without some solid facts. Man, some diagrams to show them. To sum it up real quick for ya. Fact one, the Omni-Tek Corporation leases Rubi-Ka from the ICC, right? Meaning they're responsible for this planet. This... Exploatation (sic, exploitation)... It's not acceptable."
"Fact two, the wild life has decreased drastically in each zone over the last few hundred years. Not even talking about plants and don't get me started on hybrids. I barely see any hybrids these days. Anyway, all this mining and terraforming is disrupting the eco system."
Player: "Hang on, the eco system that OT created in the first place when they started terraforming the planet?"
Eco-Toxicologist Drew: "Hmpf. That's beside the point. They might not be terraforming any new areas right now, but mark my words. It wont be that long before you witness the whole planet being covered in this unnatural gas. What's going to happen when the contract runs out, huh? Who's gonna take care and support the environment?"
Player: "How did these creatures survive when there was barely an athmosphere?"
Eco-Toxicologist Drew: "I don't know how they did it. Most of them are probably exstinguished by now, you know. If not by the eco system being in total shock from what we've done to it, then by all these mutated creations spreading like a disease over the place. Also clearly pointing towards Omni-Tek involvement by the way. Although, they did survive back then and that brings me to the third fact. My research."
Player: "Is this why you upload synthetic toxins into my system?"
Eco-Toxicologist Drew: ""Not only into yours, and not only in humans. I've noticed very strong immunity in some offal creatures. I'll be able to prove that we're exterminating life on this planet by changing their living conditions to the point where they wont be able to tolerate a simple virus. I'll return with compelling evidence. This stuff is going to hit them bad. They wont be able to dodge it anymore!"
Player: "So why Mort? What's with this place?"
Eco-Toxicologist Drew: "I was injecting some viral toxins in offal maggots over at the crater and lemme tell ya, man, the metal over there sure have a library of foul language... I tried to reason with em. Nah-uh... I got the major brush-off. So, I went around the zone for a while on my old jet bike, found this deserted looking camp here and decided well, why not stay. This, a good place as any."