Elysium Garden Quest - Clan

The reward for this mission is the Elysium Garden Key.

After Nascence, the Gardens change to become two strongholds for a faction. These are the Garden, which contains Teleport stones to standard locations, standard items and garden-only nanos and the Sanctuary, which contains more exclusive nanos and Teleport stones to other locations.

It is important to get your Garden key not only for convenient access, but for access to these nanos.

Completing missions for a faction improves relations; later faction missions require characters to kill opposing faction mobs either as a direct part of a mission or to gather vital parts for patterns used in a mission, which lowers faction relations with the killed faction, and raises it further for the faction giving the mission.

Starting the quest[edit]

To start the Quest proceed to Ecclesiast Enel Gil (826, 821) at Utopolis (Location 1) and speak to him. He will ask you to collect the approval of his comrades.


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  • The first lot of Redeemed are all located in Utopolis and can be uploaded as map markers ingame, so just follow your compass.
  • Sipius Enel Mara-Ilad is located on the ledge above. To reach him go to the creek and walk north pass Enclave and you will find a path leading up at location (859, 1149).
  • Proceed next to Barter (Location 2) and speak to all the comrades there, once again all have map markers
  • The next lot of comrades are at Ripwell (Location 3)
  • The final comrade Acolyte Enel Wei is found away from any outposts at Location 4. He walks along the trail of mushrooms. The closest satue is The Fallen Forest then head west. Beware of the MOBs. Traveling along the north side of the water might help.
  • Proceed back to the Ecclesiast

In the Garden[edit]

Give the letter to the Forester, he is straight ahead as you come out from the save tree.

  • Give him the letter, he will return it.
  • Be modest and humble, and do not say you have been possessed by Enel's spirit.
  • Ask what kind of task?
  • He will now tell you to go spy on Unredeemed mobs using an Ancient Tracking Device


  • Three are located at Remnans (Location 5). Use the Remnans Passage
  • Three are located at Stormwind (Location 7). Use the Whispervale
  • The Final two are at Nero (Location 6). There are two passages you can try The Fallon Forest or Remnans. Neither is close. The path from The Fallon Forest takes you through a valley of Bone Dragons which is more dangerous.
  • Head back to the Forester for you Garden Key

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