Embrace the Shadows

One of at least two piles of the Shadows' ill-gotten gains; this one at 680 , 897

Head south and a touch east from ICC HQ to Uturn Canyon. The fastest entrance into Uturn Forest is just south of the teleport wall; another teleport wall into the north of the forest. Arete Landing blocks the way to the east, but once you are inside Uturn Canyon, you can continue east and find another teleport wall on the east side of the forest; a wall that runs from 810 990 to 790 880. Going in the east side to the trash pile at 680 897 requires you to fight 20% at most of the Shades that the northern route requires.

Fight through or avoid (you would probably need more than 300 Concealment; Adventurer's Leet Form at this level is insufficient) the packs of Shades, and dig through one of their loot piles to retrieve the settler's possessions that the Shades stole. Find another pile or wait for the one you dug to respawn (in five minutes or so), if you are in a team where multiple players have the quest. This is one time when the mission pointer may not be your friend: it may point to the southernmost pile, even further away than the ones listed in this article.


Find trash and right-click on it while not being attacked

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level 75 - 99


Embrace the Shadows

There are places on Rubi-Ka that are better left alone. Packs of Shadows lurk in these areas and to become the hunter instead of the hunted you will need to surpass these creatures in perception as well as concealment.

Venture deep into their society and recover the loot they have gathered from unknowing citizens.


XP and Mission Token


Travel to Uturn Canyon south of ICC. Shades are scattered throughout this zone and it is dark. Go to the middle area, find a trash pile; it can be difficult to find and is surrounded by Shades ready to attack. Right-click on it, and wait for the progress bar to complete; once the progress bar completes without you being attacked, the mission is complete. Find another pile or wait for the one you dug to respawn (about 5 minutes or less), if you are in a team where multiple players have the quest.

You could do worse than follow the right hand (west) wall. The number of Shades there is intense at first, so this might not be for everyone. Once through, though, the trash pile at 598 993 is easy to get to; in fact, the fact that there are relatively few Shades is an excellent indication of how close you are.

If you are having difficulty despite having a high level HoT and Movement Speed, then you are equipped for an alternative strategy that relies on the fact that the zone is static, and does not reset when you leave (at least not immediately). Run through the groups of Shades between you and your objective; they will all follow you. Run out of the east side and reenter in the West, or vice versa, and they will all stand there, oblivious to your renewed excursion. This should preferably be an act of desperation, since it creates a deadly hazard. By the same token, be ready to immediately zone out if such a hazard is left behind at your chosen entry point.

In game, Night Vision Goggles, a Light Bar, Floating Torch or Photon Embedded Cloak can help. The Cloak is especially nice because it illuminates even when equipped as Social Armor. Or you can right click on your computer's Desktop and turn up the Gamma or Brightness on your graphics card - Graphics Properties or similar link on the popup menu). To find this zone on a planet map, download the latest AoRK Map

Beacon Warp will not work inside the canyon but it WILL work inside the Forest.

It is not safe to AFK at the entrance to the Canyon. You will almost certainly be safe to buff up or any short term activity, but a Shade WILL patrol and attack after a few minutes. Yalmahas cannot be used inside the Canyon.

It used to be that if you aimed right (high up and to the south) when going through the teleport wall, the tops of the trees a bit to the east of the west wall at 612, 1226 or so were solid enough to stand on. You should be able to see them from the north side of the teleport wall. You could land there and buff, afk, Beacon Warp, keep lower level teammates safe or whatever, standing on a canopy of leaves.

Trash Pile Locations[edit]

There are at least three trash pile locations

  1. Located in middle of the lower half at 680 x 897 screen shot
  2. Located along the west wall were it bends west at 598 x 993 screen shot
  3. 755 827