Engineer:Tips and Tricks



Recommended trimmers are listed below but all have their uses.

This trimmer locks Mech. Eng for 5 minutes, as such the buff on the pet lasts for 5 minutes so it needs to be re-applied every time it runs out.
Reduces AC-s by 1000
Adds 40 AAO and +40 damage to the pet
This is the slayer / widow trimmer, it increases aggressiveness by 90 (QL 200) making targets more likely to attack the pet if they have this one them. (RP - Lore reason is something like it applies some stinging poison to the pets claws which makes the mob angry at them instead of you)
This trimmer sets the agg/def bar of your pet. Just like how you can set your character's agg/def bar. This trimmer allows you to put the pet at 100% (QL 100) agg/def making it attack faster. Permanent and cumulative, reusable immediately; low QLs are more adaptable. They can be used as many times as desired; used repeatedly, they have the same effect as high QLs.

Source: How Trimmers Work

Pet Responses[edit]

Illegal command. Master not recognised.
Your pet has has stopped responding to your commands because your nanoskills in either Matter Creation, Time and Space or both are below 80% of the casting requirement of the pet. Until you get your skills back above 80% your bot will not acknowledge any commands.

Beacon Warp[edit]

  • There are only two requirements, with a small scattering of exceptions, for Beacon Warp: the target has to be in team and targeted as the nano finishes casting. Beacon Warp is much more resistant to miscasting than one might suppose. It has a very long cast time, and could easily be interrupted by hostile actions against the caster, but combat does not automatically interrupt it. It could be interrupted by hostile actions against the target, but not only does the target taking damage or being in combat not interrupt it, but even dying and going to reclaim does not! A running target just might have been something of a problem to code, and so coders might have simply not allowed a running target on the basis of expediency, let alone making it a challenge for players, but no, warping running players is just fine. And finally, the target would surely have to be in the same zone the whole time during casting, right? Newp. If the area the target has to be warped from is dangerous, like for example just outside of Biomare for Clan players, simply begin the casting with the target character safe inside, and step out just as Beacon Warp' casting time is nearly over. It used to be that the target could not be in an inside area, but this is no longer the case; characters can even be warped out of and into mission instances. And out of one mission into another without a mission key. Amazing, really. However, characters will not be warped into or out of the Mission Agency and probably other places as well. An obvious problem with letting higher levels into Subway, Temple of Three Winds and Biomare is that they can kill things too easily; the inability to teleport high levels has an obvious justification. But not being able to teleport characters out? Less clear. This is the case in Biomare, and presumably the others as well. At least in Biomare one is never very far from an Emergency Exit teleporter.
    • There is one other restriction, which almost seems counterintuitive given the freedom granted this nano. If one Engineer in one location begins casting Beacon Warp on a team member up to 10 or so seconds after another Engineer begins casting, the second Engineer's Beacon Warp will not take effect.
  • Characters too low to get XP in team do not show up in team searches. To get a low level character, not in visual sight by any potential team members, into team, find an intermediate level character that is in teaming range of both engineer and target, or a chain of intermediates. Make each successively lower character team leader by right-clicking on their name in the team popup screen.


Sympathetic Arms Enhancement is very powerful; it is a completely separate Nanoline to the other professions' damage buffs and stacks up onto an already impressive array of damage added that effectively ignores AC. Other Auras are also powerful. But there is one unexpected drawback to Auras: they count as buffs for the purposes of "spreading" the PvP flag. You will have to shift+right click your Aura off of your NCU if you do not want to "catch" a teammate's PvP flag. This is unavoidable, since it prevents teammates using this "invisible" buff to deceive dueling opponents. And it could be a lot WAS a lot worse, when Auras affected nearby Friendlies instead of only teammates.