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Dead Brain Dog in a mission. Brain Dogs are related to Enigmae, whether part of their already diverse life cycle, or as pets or companions

The Enigma is a unique and puzzling part of Rubi-Ka's fauna. Most are found in The Artery Valley, particularly the Enigma village and Forest in Central Artery Valley.

The life cycle of Enigmae is morphologically diverse. That is to say, physically, they appear to be different species at different stages of their development.


Enigma Sprout at the Treehouse Dyna in the north of Central Artery Valley. Sprouts buff each other with a variety of shields; a nimbus of shield energy surrounds the sprout

Morph Stages[edit]


  • Enigma Branch
  • Enigma Twig
  • Enigma Sprout. Will not attack until provoked; casts shields on fellow Sprouts.


  • Enigma Sapling

Arboreal Form[edit]

  • Enigma Root
  • Enigma Tree

Related Species[edit]

  • Brain Dog

Related missions[edit]

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