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Dialog with Ergo, Inferno Guardian of Shadows[edit]

Ergo, Inferno Guardian of Shadows

This dialog completed the mission Traces of past crossings and started this new mission.

Once again the sight of Ergo indicates the point of transition into a different part of this dimension of shadows. This time around, the metallic gatekeeper seems to be a bit less energetic than usual. Not the sparkly, humming and yes, a bit comical figure you have learned to know.After observing him for a second, you realize that it is the last thing that is missing. There is nothing joyful about this instance of Ergo.He does not seem to notice you at all.
<YourToon>: Greetings once again Ergo!
A slight turning of the floating head is the only visual indication that Ergo is aware of your precence. A tiny screen flickers to life.
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: BAD SUBSCRIPT ERROR
<YourToon>: Insert recovery unit.
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: Yes, as I was saying, Master, I have implemented the changes, but I am afraid it might already be too late. The fall seems unavoidable at this point. I receive reports of twisted spirits and nightmare spawns every day now. The political situation is as delicate as ever, I do not know what will happen to those that remain behind when the arks leave. We can only hope that whatever is in store for us, this security installation will keep the Source protected. My calculations show that my system should be able to survive, but what will become of the Xan or the land itself, we can only speculate..
<YourToon>: What sort of changes did you do?
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: I've upgraded the nodes so that they are prepared for the increased usage that will occur as the ships leave the planet. We agreed we would need to use more power then, Master.
<YourToon>: What are these nodes that you talk about?
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: The nodes? They are my connection points to the Source - 9 of them to be precise. They help me distribute the flow of the energy coming from the Source, to prevent anyone from using too much of it so that no harm may come to them. Of course, some find ways around the system, but mostly I am able to control the use of the Source. Here - let me show you!
The picture on the screen changes, and you see a web of blinking lights linked together in an intricate pattern.
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: Wait! What is this? No connection? Excuse me!
Ergo suddenly seems to be very busy.
<YourToon>: What's the problem?
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: It's not a problem - it's a disaster! My nodes are gone! No connection! I wonder what happened here. I can't even find a trace of them disappearing. My logs show that they were here just now, and then next thing they are gone. This cannot happen. It should not happen!

The upgrade couldn't have caused this. But what else could it be? The Security Unit Modification program is genetic and without control of it, we won't know what the intelligence might be up to given enough time. We must find the error immediately. I will need the code to activate the failsafe program before it is too late. Can you help me get this code?

<YourToon>: I'll help you!
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: The code is stored in the secure areas of the largest of the Notum batteries. I must be suffering from some interference though, my scans show the area has been altered, the layout is different than what it should be. Or maybe this is showing old data? Without my nodes I can't get any updated information. I know that Libra guarded the code, according to what little info I have, he is still there. You must help me retrieve it, Master.
<YourToon>: Goodbye.

Give Ergo Activation Code

Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: Was it a success?
<YourToon>: I have the activation code!
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: Please let me have it, my Master!
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: There! That should delete the Security Unit Modification program, and... What is this? No access to the terminal either? It seems as if it is blocking my access! We need to act quickly. We need to shut down the terminal so I can access my nodes again, and then I can build a new terminal to replace this obviously broken one!

The terminal can be found in the heart of the place called Pandemonium, as close to the Source as your kind can go. Find it and shut it down! But be careful though, it could take any form, and it might even be hostile.

<YourToon>: Wait a minute, are you talking about the Beast here?
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: The Beast? Is that what the terminal calls itself these days?

Shut it down so that I can again get access to the nodes and ensure the protection of the Source.

<YourToon>: Goodbye.

Return to Ergo after talking to node number Nine!

Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: What did you find?

What news do you bring?

<YourToon>: I fought the Beast, I traveled far. I found node number Nine!
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: Your news are of great importance, quickly - tell!
<YourToon>: The Beast guarded the Source, he put up quite the fight.
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: I presume you won?
<YourToon>: Yes, we won the battle, and the search went on, into a place where the node was found.
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: My precious node! Did you find out what was wrong?

You see Master, I still can't access any of the nodes, and it makes no sense. They can't be gone - I had access to them only a brief moment ago, right before last time we talked!
But you are sure you found Number Nine? It is the last installed node and it is vital for the transportation. We need it to guide the arks off the planet. You say you found it? In what condition? Did it display any messages to let us know what happened to it?

<YourToon>: I couldn't see what was wrong. It seemed to be some recorded message saying "they are coming".
Ergo: Inferno Guardian of Shadows: A recorded message? Such thing should not be. Why would someone put that there - unless someone is trying to prevent the ships from leaving the planet? I was so sure the nodes would be secured against attacks. But if the terminal was broken, maybe all the nodes got corrupted too.

Is this the beginning of the end?
Is this what will become of this, the Land of Eternal Light? Will the Light be consumed by Shadows and the land fall into Darkness? We must hurry then. Leave while there is still time! May the stars show you the way.

<YourToon>: Goodbye

Mission Descriptions[edit]

Mission: Get the Activation Code to Ergo

Ergo believes he has found an error in the Security Unit Modification program, and wants you to get the Activation code for the failsafe program he has built in. To get this, you need to kill Libra, who Ergo set to protect the code.

Get hold of the activation code and bring it to Ergo

Cash: 1000000 credits
Experience: (Up to) 79807 SK.
Item reward:

Mission: Shut down the terminal

Ergo wants you to shut down the terminal placed out to protect the source in Pandemonium. He has removed the Security Unit Modification program running on it, but still he has no access to either the terminal or the nodes, and believes he has to shut it down and replace it with a new terminal to be on the safe side.

He described the terminal as a large structure as close to the Source as you can get, possibly named 'The Beast'.

Shut down the terminal


Mission: More Questions

If the Beast is really the terminal, then who is this Number Nine? Why is it always that in search for the answer to one question, you end up having more questions? Ergo mentioned there were 9 nodes. Maybe this Number Nine is one of those nodes? But what is it doing on Rubi-Ka, and what part has it played over time?

Reward: Cash: 1000000 credits Experience: (Up to) 79807 SK. Item reward:

Mission: More Questions

Ergo convinced you to shut down the terminal placed out to protect the source in Pandemonium. Last you heard from him, he still had no access to any of his nodes. If Number Nine really is one of the nodes, you better hurry back to him to inform him of its status.

Reward: Cash: 1000000 credits Item reward:


After completing the mission Traces of past crossings, keep talking to Ergo to get this new mission. When you upload the mission, you will see it is a different area. You will need to go to Pandemonium to kill Libra.

Libra is a boss mob in Pandemonium. He is accessible in both the team instance and the regular playfield. To access regular playfield you need to kill Zodiac to open a portal. I would suggest the team/raid instance because you will need a team and you can skip killing Zodiac. After killing Libra, loot one of the Activation Code Activation Code. Go back to Ergo and give it to him.

Now he wants you to go back their and kill the Beast. You will need to join a strong team or raid group to kill him. Once that happens and the loot its loot is divided up, exit using the portal which takes you to the Pyramid in Broken Shores.

Node Number Nine

There you'll encounter node number Nine!. Target him to update the mission. You can also talk to it.

Return to Ergo for your rewards.


You will receive profession specific Star of XXX that is used in tradeskill a Professional Stellar Nanodeck

Adventurer Star of Freedom
Star of Freedom
Agent Star of Stealth
Star of Stealth
Bureaucrat Star of Management
Star of Management
Doctor Star of Recovery
Star of Recovery
Enforcer Star of Fortitude
Star of Fortitude
Engineer Star of Ingenuity
Star of Ingenuity
Fixer Star of Enterprice
Star of Enterprice
Keeper Star of Faith
Star of Faith
Martial Artist Star of Equanimity
Star of Equanimity
Meta-Physicist Star of Moral
Star of Moral
Nano Technician Star of Ardency
Star of Ardency
Shade Star of Enticement
Star of Enticement
Soldier Star of Fidelity
Star of Fidelity
Trader Star of Interchange
Star of Interchange

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