Essence of the Haunted

Mission is provided by Dr. Rosenblatt when you give him a Compact Message Datadisc dropped by Barking Chimera.

Collect Essence of the haunted.
Collect Essence of the haunted.w

Dr. Rosenblatt asked you to collect Essence of the haunted, presumably something belonging to the Cascading Spirits.

Kill a Cascading Spirit.
Deliver Essence of the haunted to Dr. Rosenblatt.

Final reward: 1000 credits.

Realtime left: 7 days
Reward:1000 credits
Item reward:


  • Kill Barking Chimera near the bridge until you get a Compact Message Datadisc
  • Bring Disc to Dr. Rosenblatt /waypoint 883, 1572, 4310 in the middle of Nascense and get mission
  • Kill a Cascading Spirits located south /waypoint 845.5, 1400.2, 431 and a Essence of the Haunted Essence of the Haunted will appear in your inventory.