Experimental Software


Test and deliver experimental nano program to client.

Agency: Rome Blue and Old Athen

Level: 100-117, 156-174


Your assignment is to test experimental software prototypes- Testing is simple, as all you need to do is have (and keep) the software nano running in your NCU.

Time is of the essence, as these experimental formulas are usually highly unstable. It will be in your best interest to go to the client responsible for the product as soon as possible.

Find our client Xenobiologist Grimes located in Central Artery Valley


As with all daily missions, completing Experimental Software will yield a substantial amount of XP, along with a number of tokens equivalent to successfully completing 2 whole individual missions.


The Experimental Software line of missions are simple but involve a slight amount of traveling. A suspicious looking nano will be applied and Agency NCU Analyzer spawn your inventory upon taking up this mission. You must proceed to the mission marker on your map to complete the mission. Upon entering the same field as your mission objective, a DoT will begin to eat away at your health, damaging you for 100 points every 6 seconds or so. As such, it may be strategic to get a Fixer-Grid to get you as close to your objective as possible to minimize damage.

Quickly proceed to your mission marker and speak to the NPC in the vicinity of the area. Give Agency NCU Analyzer to the NPC, while completing the mission at the same time.

NOTE: If you delete Agency NCU Analyzer, Prototype Formula will be canceled from your NCU and your mission will fail.

Difficulty: Strategically easy. Find the target, keep healed. Obvious resource problems for low levels

Approximately time taken for run: 10-15 minutes


Experimental Software has a much more detailed dialogue than the other similar missions. The following is as much dialogue as could be gleaned without dying from the DoT, but there is much more

Text below replicated from Anarchy Online by FunCom

The young woman ahead of you quirks an eyebrow upward as you come into view, a slightly perturbed frown on her face.

Xenobiologist Grimes: Can I... help you?
Player: Get it off, get it off!!

She regards you calmly for a moment before letting out a quiet "Oh!" - Chuckling dryly she shakes her head, a small but wry smile on her face.

Xenobiologist Grimes: Oh, I'm sorry - You must be sent from the agency! Are you one of the new test subjects?
Player: Yes, yes - NOW GET IT OFF!!
Xenobiologist Grimes: Now, now, there's no need to shout. I don't suppose you have time to answer a few questions about your current state of being for me? The ability to interview a test subject while under the effects of the nano would be quite the boon to my research...
Player: Er... well, maybe a few... I don't know if this is such a good idea or not, though..
Xenobiologist Grimes: Oh, don't worry - I'm sure you'll be just fine. It's only a few simple questions to help out my research. Besides, you look like you're a tough one - I'm sure you can hold on for a few more minutes.
Player: Fine, fine - Just hurry up, would you?

Her eyebrow quirks upward again as you speak, fingertips flying across her wrist display as she mutters to herself.

Xenobiologist Grimes: Right then. Test subject N3S-19XX, running experimental software prototype number 87. Subject is still alive, vitals seem normal, though experiencing a slight loss of overall health...

She looks upwards and regards you for a moment with a small frown.

Xenobiologist Grimes: ... and patience...

Returning to her wristpad she clears her throat, nodding to herself.

Xenobiologist Grimes: Right then. So, :Player - How would you say you feel right now?
Player: I feel like I'm dying. Mostly because I AM.

She nods as you speak, making some form of notations on her wristpad.

Xenobiologist Grimes: I see... and how would you say this has effected your mental state, if at all?
Player: I find it hard to concentrate on anything other than the excruciating pain, to be honest.
Xenobiologist Grimes: Mmm-hmm... I see, I see...

You have your doubts if she really does "see" or not, given her generally disinterested tone.

Xenobiologist Grimes: Alright then - Since having the N3S prototype programmed into your NCU, has you experienced any one or more of the following:


A fear of sunlight?
An insatiable hunger for raw meat?
Irritable bowels?
Spontaneous bleeding and/or combustion?
Blank spots in your memory?
Blank spots in your vision?
Rapid development of hair in areas previously devoid of such follicles?
Rapid loss of hair in areas previously enriched?
Uncontrollable shakes?
Dry mouth?
An urge to bathe in ice cream?
Strange and unexplainable rashes across your lower torso and/or legs?

She stops after the last one, still peering down at her wristpad. After a moment she looks up at you expectantly.

Xenobiologist Grimes: Well?
Player: Let's just say "all of the above" and get it over with, ok?
Xenobiologist Grimes: Mm-hm... alright then, and the final question. Which of the following three words would you use to rank your experience with the N3S prototype software? "Excellent", "Good", or "Lacking"?
Player: Lacking, good, excellent - Whatever, just get this stuff off of me!

Letting out a small sigh the young woman taps against her wrist display.

Xenobiologist Grimes: Very well - My, no patience at all...

You can't help but feel that you've been exceedingly patient with her questioning, but decide to stay silent anyway lest the removal take any longer than it already has. After a moment you notice the nano disappear from your NCU, the woman peering down toward the screen on her wrist. A soft sigh of relief exits her lips as she peers toward the newly-collected data, lips curled into a small smile.

Xenobiologist Grimes: There. That wasn't so bad, now was it?
Player: I guess it could have been worse...
Xenobiologist Grimes: Oh trust me - It could always be worse. You should have seen Subject 86... I'm just glad they managed to put in some of the new beta refinements to the software before releasing the latest firmware update.

Her throat clears after that, her bright blue eyes peering at you expectantly.

Xenobiologist Grimes: Well? Was there anything else? You're more than free to go, you know.
Player: Well, as long as I'm here, I figure there's a few questions I could ask....
Xenobiologist Grimes: Oh joy. Well, get on with it - I don't quite have all day.
Player: So who are you?

Letting out a small sigh the woman goes to reply, as though not entirely interested in carrying on this conversation any longer than she absolutely has to.

Xenobiologist Grimes: My name is Dr. Grimes - I'm a Xenobiologist, working for the JAME Terrestrial Research Division.
Player: Why are you out here?
Xenobiologist Grimes: Well, if you must know, I'm supposed to be studying local wildlife, with a focus on the Engima population. Not that you probably care much...

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