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These are points which accumulate on your Customer Account. We will refer to these as FCP. All game accounts associated with the customer account share the same FCP. If you spend FCP to buy something on a single character, or a specific game account, the customer accounts total FCP amount is reduced by the specified amount. FCP can be spent in the item store, or on

You get FCP for every game account subscription. (free subscriptions excluded) As of 17th November, 2010, you get 60 points for 1 month, 300 points for 3 months, 600 points for 6 months and 1440 points for 12 months. (source) If you have three 12month subscriptions, you will gain 3*1440=4320 FCP per year.

You can also buy FCP for cash. Pricing information is available on

If you merge two customer accounts, the total number of available FCP will be the combined FCP of both accounts.

Item Store special items: As of 3rd December, 2010, Portable GMS (Permanent) & Portable Bank (Permanent) is a once-per-game-account purchase. Once bought, the respective item is free for all current & future characters on that game account. (source)

Source: How do FC points, Phasefront points and Veteran points work?