Famous Last Words


Infiltrate a secret research lab in The Longest Road, kill NPC, and discover their plans by any means necessary.


Level Confirmed: 125-149

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 15-30


Gloria Tenebrai, the renowned author of "Phil & the Gofles" removed herself from Rubi-Ka after revealing the manuscript of a rather shocking story involving former Omni-Tek CEO Philip Ross, the mysterious dungeon known as the Crypt of Home, and a VERY compromising position. Whether or not the story carries any truth is a much-disputed subject among journalists across the galaxy - These rumours certainly weren't aided by the massive lawsuit Omni-Prime itself levied against the writer.

While departing Rubi-Ka (admittedly in quite the hurry), Ms. Tenebrai accidentally lost hold on her latest manuscript as she was boarding her shuttle, the pages slipping from the airlock just as the doors pulled tight. The end result? Fifteen hundred pages, scattered across the city of Home in Broken Shores. Unfortunately no one was ever able to discover precisely what the scribe's last tale would be - Her shuttle was destroyed by a stray comet as she departed the planet, unfortunately just beyond the Insurance Reclaim Safe Zone.

While this may have been an untimely end for Ms. Tenebrai, the thought of her works surviving on past her life have excited a long list of journalists, critics, and treasure hunters alike, with the price tag per page quite high. Many years have passed since Ms. Tenebrai's death but pages are still rumoured to drift across the sands of Rubi-Kan deserts, simply waiting to be brought together once more.

You are comissioned to obtain six pages from Gloria Tenebrai's missing book, and return them to the Agency.


  • Substantial XP
  • Clan/Omni Mission tokens * 2


Go to map location in City of Home in Broken Shores and collect six pages scattered throughout the city. Listed below are some of the waypoints for locations. Some are very close to each. Doing it on foot helps in finding the pages.


Page 28
Page 243
Page 1174

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