Fight Against Omni


Fly around Clan territories tagging targets

Agency Rome Blue

Level 200 -

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10-20


The war between Omni-Tek and the Clans is best described as a cold war - Both sides preparing for the worst, but neither wanting to be the one to make the first strike. Years of heated conflict have cooled to the point where both factions are able to co-exist on Rubi-Ka, though peace is tentative and fragile, able to be shattered with even the slightest indescretion. Since the arrival of the orbital battlestations in 29480, the tension between the two sides has been at an utter standstill, with both groups gearing up for what they feel is the inevitable conflict to come.

After the arrival of the orbital battlestations, Clan groups created small staging areas across Rubi-Ka, setting up supply depots and camps for their soldiers in case the conflict ever breaks out into all-out war once again. Omni-Tek is aware of these areas, but wishes to ensure correct intelligence on the locations and makeup of these war camps. You have been tasked to scout these areas to ensure that the current intelligence data is correct.

Locate Chief Gunner Kyle Swan. This camp is located somewhere in The Longest Road.
Locate Mysterious Alien Tower.
Locate Brigadier Crux.
Locate Assault Commander Sleek.
Locate Carillon Thunder.


  • Save
  • Go to the uploaded locations, target NPC. You might have to closer than you like but that is why you saved. Then onto the next.
  • When completed returned to Mission Agency and talk to Senior Agency Handler for reward