Find the western cliff top


Find the western cliff top

Scouting Panorama has asked you to survey three different cliff tops close to where he is. You will have to climb them all and face any wildlife, obstacles or whatever else is there and then scan the altitude plates on each top.

After the scanning, you must extract a report from it that you are to bring back to Scouting Panorama.

Realtime left: 0 days, 10 hours, 58 minutes.
Reward: none


  • Go to Location /waypoint 865, 705, 4880
  • You might have to fight a level 130 no loot boss Corroded Minx
  • Take the device right click on Altitude Plate
  • Right click on Altitude Plate to get report Altitude Report Temporary: Altitude Report. It expires in 60 minutes.
  • You also get next mission Return to Scouting Panorama. You have 60 minutes
  • Go to Location /waypoint 1261.0, 321.6, 4880
Altitude Plate