Foreman's Graffiti

One sign is on the top of the hill, on the dark brown building. One is where the tarmac and rocky sand meet, to the right of the center of the picture. And the Obelisk is behind the view of this picture, at the entrance
  • Tag (roughly speaking, as a tag is specifically a signature) two "Omni Tek Serves You" propaganda signs and one Omni-Tek logo obelisk in The Longest Road; specifically, the outside, above ground complex that leads to the Biomare facility.
  • Return to the Agency


Agency Old Athens

Level 50-100?

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: Travel to Biomare +5 minutes or less


Our client wishes to eradicate some of the Omni-Tek Propaganda outside of the Foremman's Office in The Longest Road. You're commissioned to locate and adjust three signs promoting the Omni-Tek, and leave your own message. Beware, your action might lead to political consequences.

Note: Use Nano Spray on a poster to leave your message.


Right click on the equipment pack to receive the Clan Nano-Spray. Left click on the spray and then left click on a sign, or target a sign and right-click on the Clan Nano-Spray in inventory to add graffiti. The player will immediately receive a PvP "Flag" in their NCU upon adding amendments to Omni propaganda.

Each time a sign is tagged, the player is flagged for PvP, and a "Graffiti Artist" nano appears in their NCU. All three nanos must be running at the same time to advance the mission, so if this proves an issue, do the harder ones first. Players strong enough to kill the guards and still tag all three targets in five minutes would probably be strong enough be unconcerned about the guards' damage; everyone else is advised to run.

The next step of the quest is to return to the Agency.

Before being "edited", the signs read, "Omni-Tek Serves You". The new, improved signs read, "Omni-Tek Serves Omni-Tek". The Obelisk with the OT logo is merely blackened and obscured.

All Omni guards outside do Energy damage, depending of course on player ACs, but not much more than 100 damage. The majority of armor is weak to Energy, but at least it is not Radiation; almost all armor is weak to that. Furthermore, it seems, although it is not proven, that these guards' damage has been reduced from previous years.

  • 1897, 952. The Omni-Tek Obelisk at the front gate
  • 1970, 770. Directly across from (east of) the Biomare entrance
  • 2100, 787. On the top of the central hill, on the back wall of the Omni General Store. Just north of the Biomare entrance, the fence surrounding the central hill area opens up. Go up the ramp, and the sign is directly ahead, to the right of the ore processing machinery

The Recapture Beacon can speed up getting to Biomare considerably, for players without Yalmahas. The quest to get it, though, is another matter.

Beacon Warp works extremely well, allowing the Engineer's clients to enter at the third sign on the central hill and finish at the obelisk. Run away from the guards fast enough, far enough, and they will simply give up the chase.


  • Substantial XP
  • Mission tokens