Four Holes Graffiti

4 Holes is an Omni-Controlled PvP zone with an Omni Grid and 25% Suppression Gas.


Go to 4 Holes tag 3 signs and return to agency for reward

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue - they have different signs in 4 Holes

Level 200 confirmed

Difficulty: easy

Time: 5-10 minutes


Our client wishes to eradicate some of the Clan Propaganda in Four Holes. You're commissioned to locate and adjust three signs promoting the Clans, and leave your own message. Beware, your action might lead to political consequences.

Note: Use Nano Spray on a poster to leave your message.


  • Substantial XP
  • Omni Mission tokens * 2


  • Right click on mission item to receive Omni-Tek Nano-Spray Omni-Tek Nano-Spray
  • Take grid to 4 Holes
  • Use the Nano-Spray on the signs at these locations. For Omni mission you want signs that display the name Clan Propaganda. For Clan mission you want the signs that display the name Omni Propaganda. To tag it, left click on Nano-spary in inventory and right click on sign. Omni also watch out for Clan NPC.
  • Omni mission sign locations
/waypoint 880.3, 1619.1, 760
/waypoint 921.6, 1754.3, 760
/waypoint 882.3, 1802.7, 760
  • Once completed there will be three Graffiti Artist nanos running in your NCU and the mission will be updated stating you need to return to the agency.
  • Tip: If you take long to spray all three, just do it again but be quicker.

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