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The term 'froob' comes from the combination of the words 'free' and 'newbie' (which is often shortened to 'noob'), and is often used as both and identifier and pejorative. This term was coined after FunCom launched their free game marketing campaign in 2004 which allows people to acquire accounts that were totally free for one year that included only the Classic game content. This even brought in a large influx of new players that did not know anything about the game, and often did not know anything about MMORPGs in general, leading to a broad dislike for the new players. many players found the offer of a free second account to be very appealing and used the chance to make accounts specifically for throw away character, Bots, or Mules.

In December of 2006, FunCom not only extended the 'Froob' account offers but also added The Notum Wars expansion to all free accounts, allowing them to gain the benefits of organizational contracts and land control towers, as well as officially participate in tower battles.