Galway County

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Galway County is bordered by Galway Shire to the south and west, and Clondyke to the southeast. It is connected to the Grid in the west, and has a whompah at Galway Castle near the Clondyke border.

There are no Dyna Camps in this zone.

The 'Escaped Gargantula' drops the Agent-only ring, Gift of the Old Gargantula at 2160x1150 in the 'Central Galway County' area.

Map Upgrades[edit]

ID NOT FOUNDMap requirement: 56.

Players may buy the map upgrade 'Map - Galway County', to enable them to see all features of this zone on the PF Map. The Map Navigation skill requirement to upload this map is 56.

Agents can turn in Proof of what happened to Joslyn for the Jack "The Leg-chopper" Quest to NPC 'Susan Furor' at coordinates 1200 x 1950

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
35-50 2140, 2620 Nature Reserve - East
35-50 1900, 2580 Nature Reserve - West
50-75 1300, 1900 Poole - West
50-75 1580, 1820 Poole - East
15-25 1140, 1100 V-Hill
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
20-30 1580, 700 Lunder Hills - North
25-40 2740, 460 Galway Hills
20-30 1220, 380 Lunder Hills
25-40 2260, 380 South-east Woods

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