Greater Tir County

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Greater Tir County contains entrances to the Temple of Three Winds and the Inner Sanctum. The Cyborg Barracks lies to the east. There are dangerous Sandworms and A-4000 robots to the north. A teleport wall is its border with Varmint Woods to the west. The teleport wall to Tir County snakes its uniquely winding way along the southern border.

Greater Tir County together with the adjoining Tir County to the south, is one of the richer areas for low level characters, especially Clan. Two of the Uniques are here, including one of the best, George the Reet with Medical Epaulet drop; in Tir County there are four, including another of the best, Cuty. Tir County used to be the gateway to Temple of the Three Winds, and this route is still the path to the Inventor Bobic quest, for his Notum Hood item. The Cyborg Barracks was once one of the better places for medium level items, and it is still the target of quests and hunts for a good Soldier weapon; the surrounding area (south past the city) has the best spawn for Rookie Dog Tags, the aforementioned George, and a large number of Eyemutants to farm for Eyemutant Orb Lasers and parts, while waiting for those other spawns.

The entrance to the very well hidden Omni base is in East Broken area at 3283.6, 1831.0 (33.7 elevation), just under the shoulder of a city, in what can only be either a pair of joined volcanic tubes or an impressive feat of excavation. Through the tunnel await a Rookie OT Lookout, Rookie OT Hired Killer, two Rookie OT Marksman, and two Rookie OT Exterminator. Small trees inside the base make visibility more difficult, and the sounds of Omni wireless communications emanate from the rusty steel bunker and echo off of the rock walls

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
90-135 1100, 3100 The Mineral Mine
20-30 2900, 2940 NE Desert Aperient
37-64 1900, 2700 Surrounding Temple of Three Winds
25-40 2220, 1900 Piercing Thundertube
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
30-45 2820, 1940 Central Striking Ant
25-40 620, 1660 Tir Prarie
25-40 1180, 1700 Crater Swamp