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Rubi-Ka armor[edit]

Grid Armor[edit]

"This device is used by fixers to transfer their physical body (but not equipment) almost completely into the Grid, yet retain a presence in the real world. The link between the Grid and reality is maintained by a Multi-Spatial Phasing Beacon. What is left of the fixer in the real world is a semi-solid web of energy that the fixer controls as easily as they would their own body. When in this state, the only way the fixer can be damaged is if the Multi-Spatial Phasing Beacon is itself damaged, which hovers in the center of the energy web. A symbiotic link is maintained between the fixer and the Beacon while this device is worn - if the Beacon is destroyed, the fixer will die. However, given the small size of the Beacon, the majority of attacks tend to be avoided."

Rare Nanos: Summon Grid Armor Mk IV

Matt.Metam >= 782
Time&Space >= 591
Break&Entry >= 400

Creates Grid Armor Mk IV:

Add All Def. 2000
All ACs 2000
Evades 150
NCU 100
Max Health 150
All Damage 20
Nano Resist 200

Shadowlands armor[edit]

Alien Invasion armor[edit]

Lost Eden armor[edit]