Grid Runner

Enter the Grid using a Grid Terminal, and activate the Matrix Grid Stream when prompted.

The Matrix Grid Stream can be activated two ways. Either right click on it in inventory, or left click to pick it up out of inventory, and add it to the hotbar, or type the number of its position on the hotbar.

The Matrix Grid Stream timer cannot be cancelled by hitting the Escape key, or by moving. Falling will stop it; either start the timer once out West Athens and head north along the path to 4 Holes and Clondyke to finish the timer before jumping off east to ICC, or jump, start it once you land, and head northeast. Other actions such as activating the Grid exit terminal cannot be undertaken while the timer is underway.


Check that Grid is working.

Agency Old Athens and Rome Blue

Level 25-50

Difficulty Easy


The Grid is Rubi-Ka's virtual highway. Your body can be encoded into digital form and travel from any location to another on the planet. Since creation the grid has experienced temporary disturbances, source unknown.

You are commissioned to complete a routine check of the grid itself, assuring it's running stable.

You may need to train additional points in Computer Literacy to travel with the grid.

Use the Matrix Grid Stream in the following places:

Old Athen Locations[edit]

  • The Grid
  • West Athens Grid Terminal : first above-ground floor
  • The Grid
  • ICC Grid Terminal
  • The Grid
  • Old Athens Grid Terminal

Rome Blue Locations[edit]

  • The Grid
  • Omni Trade Grid Terminal
  • The Grid
  • Galway Grid Terminal
  • The Grid
  • Rome Grid Terminal


  • Variable XP and Mission Tokens
  • Matrix Grid Stream

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